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  • Nathanallstars
    Nathanallstars11 timmar sedan

    Stop yaking and get on with it!!!!

  • Coiry Featherstone
    Coiry Featherstone11 timmar sedan

    CR7 is better and he has better stats

  • Geoffrey Shoemaker
    Geoffrey Shoemaker12 timmar sedan

    Best player ever is braithwaite

  • James Vaughan
    James Vaughan13 timmar sedan

    Get mcjell on Andy mate

  • Bailey Miller
    Bailey Miller14 timmar sedan

    Why would you go clauss?

  • Daniel Ilibman
    Daniel Ilibman15 timmar sedan

    Hao Vierinya ffs learn how to pronounce names you are in the football world its insane that you can't properly say the name of a player from your own beloved club, football was invented in England how about you try and not butcher the name of every non english player?

  • Elias Nagle
    Elias Nagle15 timmar sedan

    Maturing is understanding that Jack is underrated asf. Love the guy❤️

  • Harry Ward
    Harry Ward16 timmar sedan


  • Marley Jagger
    Marley Jagger16 timmar sedan

    How does he do the player transitions

  • Jack Hicks
    Jack Hicks16 timmar sedan

    Should have done his tots card

  • William Findlay
    William Findlay18 timmar sedan

    Andy: if you think it’s Messi drop a like and if you think it’s Ronaldo also drop s as like. Me thinking it’s Pele

  • Joedapro2009
    Joedapro200918 timmar sedan

    I used it as fodder

  • Mitchell Fenney
    Mitchell Fenney18 timmar sedan


  • The Hazo's Channel
    The Hazo's Channel18 timmar sedan

    36:00, u could tell Jack thought Andy had to discard Allan and replace Joao Virginia 😂

  • conjonsilver
    conjonsilver20 timmar sedan

    People rubber banding their remote do it so the game goes quicker why would you not want them to do it? They need 1 goal and score first, if your not doing golden goal and you only need the goal and not the win, so it let's you get the win from it

  • Artūrs K
    Artūrs K21 timme sedan

    jack couldve gave you moments r9 in rb lol

  • adam fc
    adam fc21 timme sedan

    Can’t believe how long I’ve actually watched Andy for and I haven’t even realised like since literally 80k ish subs now he’s got over mill🤣

  • Shane Pearson
    Shane Pearson21 timme sedan

    I don’t know why but I just don’t like Danny

  • Raveed Murshed
    Raveed Murshed21 timme sedan

    Andy it’s not mister Atarni it’s mister cheater

  • ObV Sharks
    ObV Sharks21 timme sedan

    we need another sbsd with W2S or Zerkka or maybe get simon minter on soon

  • Fra Ha
    Fra Ha21 timme sedan

    What are the odds that andy forgot to sell ben yedder before he crashed yesterday? 🌚

  • Finnyboi4
    Finnyboi422 timmar sedan

    Ohh Harvey Barnes it’s an eqlayiser

  • Itz_ryan456 -
    Itz_ryan456 -22 timmar sedan

    😂 rumoured that theirs gonna be a straight swap greizman for lindelof don’t believe me look it up on the internet

  • Michael Ohanugo
    Michael Ohanugo22 timmar sedan

    I just knew andy will talk about how the ref blew early for him 😂😂

  • رایان ps4
    رایان ps422 timmar sedan

    بدددددددد 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • HJMS Services
    HJMS Services23 timmar sedan

    20:12 look at Harry in the background

  • Ch4rL1e
    Ch4rL1e23 timmar sedan

    Comment I do

  • Matt Rush
    Matt RushDag sedan

    I literally can’t trust that jack ain’t sat in his underwear recording any more

  • Karan Cr7
    Karan Cr7Dag sedan

    Bro your videos are sick!! Maybe you should do it with w2s

  • Tai Bach
    Tai BachDag sedan


  • Tai Bach
    Tai BachDag sedan


  • Aidan Richardson
    Aidan RichardsonDag sedan

    Do u have to pay for the news in FUTMOB?

  • Tai Bach
    Tai BachDag sedan


  • Fibenachi Sequence
    Fibenachi SequenceDag sedan

    Jack’s mic sounds so much better

  • Fibenachi Sequence
    Fibenachi SequenceDag sedan

    Oh 😅

  • Im a Lonely Dino:(
    Im a Lonely Dino:(Dag sedan

    Wow,wowweee,and andy was swearin all the time back then and now he is a changed person...on cam

  • EclipseJay3665
    EclipseJay3665Dag sedan

    Me watching this after camavinga became 49k😳😳😳

  • Zakaria Lar
    Zakaria LarDag sedan

    James is colombian and not bolivian...

  • Just peeking for some melons
    Just peeking for some melonsDag sedan

    Jack doesn’t get to be mad that his alessandrini didn’t make that long shot

  • Reshirex
    ReshirexDag sedan


  • Jonty Wardinho
    Jonty WardinhoDag sedan

    Holy hairline Batman

  • Andy K.
    Andy K.Dag sedan

    Get McJell on Squad Builder Showdown!!

  • Matthew Wren
    Matthew WrenDag sedan

    Wow how shit

  • Solo
    SoloDag sedan

    Please no more background music

  • Michael McGrory
    Michael McGroryDag sedan

    When did they record this.. Camavinga 180k?? hes 50k on xbox lol

  • The_SARC_Knight
    The_SARC_KnightDag sedan

    Thank you both for making me cry laughing. There is nothing better than Jack's laugh while Andy is fully tilted.

  • Monty Watt
    Monty WattDag sedan

    Jack is always such a good sport. Love to see it, great vid as well!

  • XxAmmaarxX
    XxAmmaarxXDag sedan

    “It’s ‘arvey barnes ooooooohhhhhhhhh it’s an eqlawiser” - Jack54HD

  • Soren Matsuoka
    Soren MatsuokaDag sedan

    Jack be like: OoOoOo Harvey Barnes, it’s an ecliweiser

  • Dvp169
    Dvp169Dag sedan

    Love your dog 😁

  • Cheese Lord
    Cheese LordDag sedan

    Please make a podcast with the rest of the lads

  • Faz Murtaza
    Faz MurtazaDag sedan


  • Luscious Aroma
    Luscious AromaDag sedan

    Mental to think I was in high school watching the first ever episode a couple months after andys 100 facts about me 😂 I'm 20 on the 12th of August got my own business , fiance, house its unreal man I still watch as religiously as back then

  • Muamer Mehic
    Muamer MehicDag sedan

    Ngl Episodes with Jack and Itani are the funniest

  • Sam O'Gara
    Sam O'GaraDag sedan

    I really like Jack, he's great for a chat in other videos, but not a fan of 7ms unfortunately so this and ttd are the only real times I watch him

  • tumbleweed
    tumbleweedDag sedan

    I was drinking my victory and spat it out at the beginning lol🤣😅😂

  • Raz Fxntz
    Raz FxntzDag sedan

    Great episode 🔥🤩

  • Kristoffer Tønder
    Kristoffer TønderDag sedan

    Andy...dude...AUDIO LEVELS... That ad break took out my left ear.

  • V1clapzz
    V1clapzzDag sedan

    I swear me and jack own the same dog

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean MurphyDag sedan

    New SBSD rule: if you guess the other person’s formation, you should be able to choose to stop having a trump card played on you

  • Boris
    BorisDag sedan

    Some people really are shameful its actually disgusting Last year every single one of you cried when the objectives were all rivals no squad battles all rivals, then they switch it to friendlies (where most of the community does the golden goal apart from. toxic ones) and u blame EA btw if they wanted they could've surely do something about golden goal if they wanted to stop complaining about everything

  • lim kx
    lim kxDag sedan

    Wouldnt be an andy video if he doesnt try to get an everton player and fucks himself up

  • Rhys Waggitt
    Rhys WaggittDag sedan

    Surprised Andy has done an objective. SBC's and objectives being chosen is a common meme in SBSD, but you can actually use this one

  • MattLUFC90
    MattLUFC90Dag sedan

    Swear this was in the last SBSD with Jack too 😂 after 6 years he still doesn't understand trump cards

  • Alan O'Connor
    Alan O'ConnorDag sedan

    In fifa 22 when heros come out will you be aloud an icon and a hero or will it be one or the other

  • FerranSZN
    FerranSZNDag sedan

    That Harvey Barnes scores quite a few eqluizers

  • Raveed Murshed
    Raveed MurshedDag sedan

    It’s about to be august stop saying in July it’s august in about 30 hours

  • Mr.Sandal
    Mr.SandalDag sedan

    Andy are u gay or just supporting it

  • Skylar Furey
    Skylar FureyDag sedan

    You should do an extreme SBSD. For each correct guess you put in a trump card. For each trump card guess you have to get that player sent off to start the game.

  • Jontu R
    Jontu RDag sedan

    @Sam Maley excatly

  • Sam Maley
    Sam MaleyDag sedan

    There’s no point it being a trump card if they get sent off anyway

  • Jontu R
    Jontu RDag sedan

    The point with the trump card is the fact he still is in the field to mess things up and cause chaos. If he wasnt there it wouldnt be even close to same situation

  • AG F4ST
    AG F4STDag sedan

    0:50 you deserve that for not playing golden goal

  • Lorcan Walpole
    Lorcan WalpoleDag sedan

    No one jack: SHAAATTT AAAAPP"

  • Jack Coogan
    Jack CooganDag sedan

    No idea how Jack still doesn’t know the rules

  • Jack54HD
    Jack54HD17 timmar sedan

    To be fair, I record other squad building series much more often where with the trump cards you can give your opponent anyone. My apologies 👍🏼

  • Michael Del Pizzo
    Michael Del Pizzo20 timmar sedan

    He did know them, it feels like he’s forgotten about them in the last month, very strange

  • RemDog
    RemDogDag sedan

    Yeah he asks everytime

  • Michael Sapinski
    Michael SapinskiDag sedan

    Reev? Homlespenguin?