Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! FUT BIRTHDAY PALACIO!!!

THE MAN WITH THE RATS TAIL HAIRCUT IS BACK!!! A FUT Birthday throwback to Fifa 10 Palacio Squad Builder Showdown!!!


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  • Ashton Whittam
    Ashton Whittam2 månader sedan

    Most painful potm dcl

  • Addicted
    Addicted3 månader sedan

    Prob untrade Messi and aguero

  • Jack Zroix
    Jack Zroix3 månader sedan

    Andre gomes was most painful hehe

  • Swonz Fan
    Swonz Fan3 månader sedan

    The pain of clicking on any type of Fifa video and seeing Tom

  • Emma Fowles
    Emma Fowles3 månader sedan

    LB... Its Kanta

  • Querida Tess
    Querida Tess3 månader sedan

    The psychedelic tiger ethnopharmacologically nail because attempt comparably weigh astride a cute catsup. unaccountable, third cook

  • A A
    A A3 månader sedan

    The well-off pedestrian microbiologically applaud because fruit consistently try apud a cluttered anger. stereotyped, round lan

  • MrToxic
    MrToxic3 månader sedan

    My dad packed tots naingolan in prob fifa 17 and we thought he was cheap 😂

  • Rehaan Daryanani
    Rehaan Daryanani3 månader sedan

    Honestly lmao how sad are people who dislike videos

  • Wisemanba60
    Wisemanba603 månader sedan

    The stingy zoology electronically handle because society electrophysiologically memorise beside a unkempt mother-in-law. blue-eyed, moldy children

  • Chechnian Wolf
    Chechnian Wolf3 månader sedan

    Could have atleast brushed your teeth

  • King kia
    King kia3 månader sedan

    most painful for me is headliner bruno or prime xavi

  • jiminycricketsmate
    jiminycricketsmate3 månader sedan

    Tom has zombie like skin tones the pale bastard

  • Sambey Boi
    Sambey Boi3 månader sedan

    Day 1 if asking for an sbsd with Manny (MMT)

  • Kai W-Hardy
    Kai W-Hardy3 månader sedan

    The mature legal bareilly cause because wrench muhly prevent modulo a mighty dust. slimy, spurious sponge

  • Ahmed Abbas17
    Ahmed Abbas173 månader sedan

    I was laughing so hard from 28:15 to 28:25 LMAOOOOOOOOO. Was I the only one?

  • Derk Sluiter
    Derk Sluiter3 månader sedan

    I missed this SBC because I'm banned for a week and ea won't tell me why,really upset I missed this

  • I'm an average Wolf
    I'm an average Wolf3 månader sedan

    Cex cup semi final w/ andy in it 8:17

  • Eisa Kakouli
    Eisa Kakouli3 månader sedan

    The most painful SBC that has been lost this year in SBSD is the end of era Wayne Rooney

  • Bradley Wilson
    Bradley Wilson3 månader sedan

    worst sbc discard this fifa is kante

  • JustTheMidget
    JustTheMidget3 månader sedan

    CR7 IS THE GOAT ANDY *prepares for slew of crying Messi supporters*

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill3 månader sedan

    Can you do an sbsd on future stars reinier. I know it’s from a past thing but I have him and want to see your thoughts (Ps he is really good)

  • Aodhan
    Aodhan3 månader sedan

    Do a revenge squad builder showdown prank on reev with the new Kondogbia

  • Jaime Pedraza
    Jaime Pedraza3 månader sedan


  • Youssef Oueini
    Youssef Oueini3 månader sedan

    i really wish he uploads everyday

  • Mehdi Lilani
    Mehdi Lilani3 månader sedan

    Curtis Jones sbc would be the worst for me

  • Jonas Olesen Bundgaard
    Jonas Olesen Bundgaard3 månader sedan

    CR7 is the G.O.A.T. Not Messi

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K3 månader sedan

    When you play along to guess Andy's team and guess: Hart, Sol Campbell and Chiellini for defense

  • Dale Fleming
    Dale Fleming3 månader sedan

    Worst discard has to be player of the month Calvert lewin hands down so close to the heart!!! But seeing this week how dirty EA have done him he only got an 84 with basic stats for his mammoth scoring month for us to iheanacho getting a near god tier card for scoring a couple of goals is shocking and for this reason I always think that ea are reds

  • AAFIFA 2000
    AAFIFA 20003 månader sedan

    Andy do a sqaud builder showdown with Manny need to see it

  • Madzin
    Madzin3 månader sedan

    Tom lost potm messi :(

  • Rehma Ismail
    Rehma Ismail3 månader sedan

    instead of discarding sbcs you could do the price of the sbc and quick sell a player worth the same as the sbc to keep the player

  • Jude
    Jude3 månader sedan

    Should do one with one of the two sync lads🙌🏼❤️

  • Ben Watson
    Ben Watson3 månader sedan


  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson3 månader sedan

    Stopped playing around December, but my Moments Depay was my favourite player on the game

  • Bence Toth
    Bence Toth3 månader sedan

    8:33 What a prediction by the way...

  • Spi Billis
    Spi Billis3 månader sedan

    0:10 🧢

  • Mugiwara no Negro
    Mugiwara no Negro3 månader sedan

    What FIFA did Nianggolan join the all 90 club sounds like a good question for Who wants to be a FIFA millionaire.

  • I Dunno
    I Dunno3 månader sedan

    The worst is obviously DCL

  • Kieran Cooper brannon
    Kieran Cooper brannon3 månader sedan

    Who doesn't remember the Antonio di natale card from fifa 10

  • Liam WM
    Liam WM3 månader sedan

    Andy are you a smoker or are your teeth just a bit grimy, not judging just curious haha

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof3 månader sedan

    Dlc your face mate

  • Alfie Carmichael
    Alfie Carmichael3 månader sedan

    The worst discard for you has been POTM Dominic Calvert Lewin 😓😓😓😓😪

  • Vala Wlan
    Vala Wlan3 månader sedan

    Tom took that discard like a champ tho

  • Dustin Le
    Dustin Le3 månader sedan

    Do an episode with Mandanda FUT bday card at ST

  • samuel sweeney
    samuel sweeney3 månader sedan

    Get castro on

  • Family Guy
    Family Guy3 månader sedan

    I think Wayne Rooney one is the worst

  • Aarya.399
    Aarya.3993 månader sedan

    i cant look at tom without my brain screaming OH MY GOD ITS A PERFECT LINK

  • Alex Sjöström
    Alex Sjöström3 månader sedan

    Didnt know AJ3 dis sbsd with ghosts

  • Josh Mayhew
    Josh Mayhew3 månader sedan

    Get Lasty on!!!!

  • MtLDarKsider
    MtLDarKsider3 månader sedan

    Great sbsd as always!

  • Jhye Storey
    Jhye Storey3 månader sedan

    Bring mmt on this

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator3 månader sedan

    New Rule Suggestion: If someone puts a loan card into their squad, their opponent gets an extra trump card. If that someone puts the loan player whilst you are doing the last picks, that makes him start the game 1 goal down. EXTRA: If the opponent doesn't use the trump card, he can be up by the amount of trump cards he saved up to that point in game.

  • beji97
    beji973 månader sedan

    What a waste. Using 11 rares in the 81+ player pick sbc.

  • Zaid Ahmad
    Zaid Ahmad3 månader sedan

    FFS you should’ve just done it on Adama Traore

  • xxstormy x6
    xxstormy x63 månader sedan

    Player of the month Calvert lewin

  • lil Succ
    lil Succ3 månader sedan

    Pls make one on TOTW Uhre

  • Jordan McCabe
    Jordan McCabe3 månader sedan

    Andy Jones central midfielder was the worst one to get rid of..... oh ye

  • Daithi Moss
    Daithi Moss3 månader sedan

    Can u do one on mandanda 5 star skills

  • Paavo Saarinen
    Paavo Saarinen3 månader sedan

    How the hell is Capguntom so grey?

  • Huthifa Ali
    Huthifa Ali3 månader sedan

    One question if the sbc card is picked could they discard a player 2 times the price of the sbc player

  • Caleb Jones
    Caleb Jones3 månader sedan

    When this came out it was my birthday and I packed vvd and 90 rated aouor fut bday out of 81 plus times 25 pack most worth 2 hrs of my life spent ever

  • Ionut
    Ionut3 månader sedan

    do a video with hagi pls

  • Ikit Claw
    Ikit Claw3 månader sedan

    Most painful discarded SBC, HAS to be potm DCL

  • Michael Mckenna
    Michael Mckenna3 månader sedan

    Is it just me or does Tom seem in a better mood than last year?

  • Mohammed Arab
    Mohammed Arab3 månader sedan


  • Ryan Hand
    Ryan Hand3 månader sedan

    Tom looks like somet out of horror film a ghost or somet

  • daniel gomez
    daniel gomez3 månader sedan

    I would be sad If I lost my cavani sbc

  • Spurs4life
    Spurs4life3 månader sedan

    6th on trending 😳

  • Alfie Sainsbury
    Alfie Sainsbury3 månader sedan

    you need to do one on FUT Birthday Hwang Hee Chan he is a god ingame

  • Christian Pedersen
    Christian Pedersen3 månader sedan

    Do a SBSD on FUT Birthday Kent

  • Steffen Hansen
    Steffen Hansen3 månader sedan

    DCL is 100% the worst discard

  • Pat Nield
    Pat Nield3 månader sedan

    Potm Felix

  • arshia gamer
    arshia gamer3 månader sedan

    The perfect link

  • CapgunTom
    CapgunTom3 månader sedan

    Had a lot of fun making this. Thanks for having me on as always ❤️

  • pro_gamer


    11 dagar sedan

    @H1 shut it little kiddy

  • William Nystedt

    William Nystedt

    Månad sedan

    Tom is a fucking ghost

  • Brima Jalloh

    Brima Jalloh

    3 månader sedan

    Play the clip

  • Arjun Sarana

    Arjun Sarana

    3 månader sedan

    @H1 init 😂😂😂

  • H1


    3 månader sedan

    @Arjun Sarana trust me they’re all pressed over nothing

  • Tyler- FIFA
    Tyler- FIFA3 månader sedan

    Dcl is the most painful Andy😭

  • Leovowles1
    Leovowles13 månader sedan

    Tom looks ill

  • Joe Polley
    Joe Polley3 månader sedan

    Tom is the whitest human ever seen

  • annie McKenzie
    annie McKenzie3 månader sedan

    Do one w manny

  • Not Insane
    Not Insane3 månader sedan

    I would hate losing Bruno guimaraes

  • venompig
    venompig3 månader sedan

    Tom looks like a vampire 🧛‍♂️

  • D.N
    D.N3 månader sedan

    Im sorry but the second i see Tom in your video, i dont watch it!

  • Fifa 21 comeback king Kid
    Fifa 21 comeback king Kid3 månader sedan

    the most painful sbc for andy to discard this fifa was POTM DCL at the start of the game

  • Kyle Bamford
    Kyle Bamford3 månader sedan

    As if Tom stuck a hunter on Palacio🤣🤮

  • Darryl Kemp
    Darryl Kemp3 månader sedan

    Tom looks like an actual corpse

  • UTB Charlie
    UTB Charlie3 månader sedan

    Any perfect links

  • B-RAD86
    B-RAD863 månader sedan

    Most annoying discard for me this year is when i did an Episide on the RTTF Felipe Anderson and discarded him straight away. Now hes a banging card 🤦‍♂️

  • Keaton Keen
    Keaton Keen3 månader sedan

    Your mo

  • Lidl Badlands
    Lidl Badlands3 månader sedan

    Got to be Andy loosing Calvert lewin

  • Kiyah Brock
    Kiyah Brock3 månader sedan

    Can you do hwang hee chan’s fut birthday pls

  • jordan.buxton
    jordan.buxton3 månader sedan

    Been waiting for this 1

  • Kieran Grech
    Kieran Grech3 månader sedan

    Why is Tom’s face so wrinkly??

  • Leonard Kolonič
    Leonard Kolonič3 månader sedan

    Love the vid and btw busquets its amazing and feels very fast xD

  • Dagfinn Ringaas
    Dagfinn Ringaas3 månader sedan

    I did Ronaldo he is sooooo baaaddd you shuld be happy

  • Killer 1997
    Killer 19973 månader sedan

    Tom looks too pale

  • Rohaan Mirza
    Rohaan Mirza3 månader sedan

    Itssss roooooonnnnnneyyyy

  • Tacitgaming 07
    Tacitgaming 073 månader sedan

    I have palacio and I think he’s really really good

  • August Lindquist
    August Lindquist3 månader sedan

    Andy get some actually entertaining guests like Manny or W2S on

  • lippycumdrip
    lippycumdrip3 månader sedan

    my guy lowtin martinez

  • Paul Garnett
    Paul Garnett3 månader sedan

    most painful SBSD discard was EOE Wayney Rooney against James