DISCARDING MY BEST EVER PRIME ICON!?! Fifa 21 Guess Who Discard Challenge

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  • JagerBomb3r
    JagerBomb3rMånad sedan

    I kid you not I also did 2 and got these in exactly the same order as Andy did 😂

  • Carter Minson
    Carter Minson2 månader sedan

    Then he packs R9 ronaldo

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach2 månader sedan


  • Andres Velásquez
    Andres Velásquez3 månader sedan

    Please do an sbsd on TOTS Duvan Zapata 🇨🇴

  • Connor R
    Connor R3 månader sedan

    Andy getting frustrated with only having 4 questions and wanting 5 gave it away that it was butragueno, wtf is this

  • Connor R
    Connor R3 månader sedan

    It's pretty easy, the first round.. he can basically find out who it is before needing to answering it.

  • Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin3 månader sedan

    I did two back to back icon packs got del p and r9

  • Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin3 månader sedan

    All the icons I've packed are cruyff makalele puyol Rijkaard del p rush and prime r9

  • i am a shoe
    i am a shoe3 månader sedan

    How mad is that?🤩

  • Shay Olodunji
    Shay Olodunji3 månader sedan

    You need to have mcjell on sbsd

  • Owen
    Owen3 månader sedan

    think it kinda gives it away when youre fuming about potentially losing the first pack lmao

  • Pierre Derckx
    Pierre Derckx3 månader sedan

    Did you know Danny Aarons is gonna use 3142 against you next sbsd? You should guess it and give him 541 so he kills himself before the game starts than you can discard his full team

  • MysticalJuice
    MysticalJuice3 månader sedan

    Did 2 of those packs. Got Cantona and Rio Ferdinand. I’m pretty happy.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones3 månader sedan

    Prime puskas and prime Roberto Carlos

  • Shane de Bruin
    Shane de Bruin3 månader sedan

    I actually clapped for those Icon guesses!

  • thatdudechewy
    thatdudechewy3 månader sedan

    Oakley is a wizard

  • Black Savage
    Black Savage3 månader sedan

    I got nesta in my pack 🙃

  • Its Tamim
    Its Tamim3 månader sedan

    Cannavaro it’s a small dub and it worth more than the sbc

  • Uroš Petrušović
    Uroš Petrušović3 månader sedan

    Andy gave it away that it is Butragueno when he started crying about it

  • Kyle Clatworthy
    Kyle Clatworthy3 månader sedan

    Instead of nation/position you should only be able to find out the continent or grouped position e.g attackers etc

  • Rasmus G
    Rasmus G3 månader sedan


  • Dragos Iosef
    Dragos Iosef3 månader sedan

    I gave away half my club but i did get zambrotta 👍🏼

  • GMI Vlogs
    GMI Vlogs3 månader sedan

    I got prime Zola and essien

  • jason
    jason3 månader sedan

    The butra pack was as rigged as jake Paul vs Ben asken

  • jimmytipsTV
    jimmytipsTV3 månader sedan

    Feel Andy saying “can you please ask 5 questions” helped him out 😂😂

  • Thomas Skinner
    Thomas Skinner3 månader sedan

    Itani woke up feeling dangerous 1 league 1 nation hybrid 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Ryan Atherton
    Ryan Atherton3 månader sedan

    this video was elite

    LOCALDEPRESSEDKID9993 månader sedan

    Andy can you do a squad builder showdown on flashback 89 rated Hernandez ( like so Andy can see )

  • alfie stanley
    alfie stanley3 månader sedan

    I got prime cruyff

  • George Kechagias
    George Kechagias3 månader sedan

    Butragueno and Torres perfect link. Where is CapgunTom hiding???

  • Odhrán Mollahan
    Odhrán Mollahan3 månader sedan

    Bro I got bloody Giggs

  • Nadim Gaming
    Nadim Gaming3 månader sedan

    I got Vieira from my prime icon pack

  • Ewan Grieve
    Ewan Grieve3 månader sedan

    Man said Hungary 😂 for st.

  • Andrew Burgess
    Andrew Burgess3 månader sedan

    I did 2 and in my first one I didn’t asked Eusebio and in my second I got rijkaard

  • Ørjan Berglund
    Ørjan Berglund3 månader sedan

    Here is a list over the icons i have got in iconpacks this fifa: Klose Baresi Baggio Gerrard Duplicate Baggio Roy keane I also got hacked...lost 900k 🙃

  • Alfredo Nejmeh
    Alfredo Nejmeh3 månader sedan

    Man Oakley is so smart 😂😂😂😂

  • AK 34
    AK 343 månader sedan

    I got Litmanen 😂😂😂

  • Danny Prescott
    Danny Prescott3 månader sedan

    I got prime cruyff

  • Buggy
    Buggy3 månader sedan

    Andy is so annoying always trying to have the higher ground , a right know it all. And he’ll read this coz he reads the comments to boost his massive massive ego

  • Shubhay Agarwal
    Shubhay Agarwal3 månader sedan

    I got bobby Moore 😭

  • Hxmmy
    Hxmmy3 månader sedan

    Got 96 Zidane, only opened 1

  • Salman Khalid
    Salman Khalid3 månader sedan

    cant wait to see these in sbsd

  • L PH
    L PH3 månader sedan

    I got prime vieira

  • Roni Heiskanen
    Roni Heiskanen3 månader sedan

    ANDY!!! Butragueno is like 700k 🤣🤣🤣 Torres 550k😳😳 they are CRASHING hard😰😰😰 watch out! 👌🏻💪🏻

  • Greg_ Clark
    Greg_ Clark3 månader sedan

    I'd say I've been the luckiest did two and got Pires and nakata

  • eero
    eero3 månader sedan

    I got Cruyff.

  • Gavin Thair
    Gavin Thair3 månader sedan

    Danny aarons:Play the clip

  • Chawki Arja
    Chawki Arja3 månader sedan

    Oakley is a genius

  • Ciscograal Ψ
    Ciscograal Ψ3 månader sedan


  • JR25


    3 månader sedan

    Oh, oh my God!

  • ahmed ibrshim
    ahmed ibrshim3 månader sedan

    Did one got puskas and stopped

  • Mitchell Fradkin
    Mitchell Fradkin3 månader sedan

    I got gattuso 😔

  • Jonno Y
    Jonno Y3 månader sedan

    I’m sorry but the fact tht he starts screaming wanting 5 questions let’s Oakley know tht it’s butra! These vids are a waste of time man! Why bother! Honestly and I hope it’s the only time but it’s the first time I’ve ever disliked a vid of aj3

  • Dillon Postma
    Dillon Postma3 månader sedan

    I did 4 of them Nakata Desailly Zidane Cannavaro

  • Jhamilton103
    Jhamilton1033 månader sedan

    This is so weird watching this today because I finally opened the mid or prime icon pack from icon swaps and for prime Butra. Never had an icon better than 500k and all of a sudden a mil

  • Zunaid Bhoola
    Zunaid Bhoola3 månader sedan

    gg I got Cole and Veron

  • Awg
    Awg3 månader sedan

    Does that count as a perfect link, if so then PLAY THE CLIP

  • Awg
    Awg3 månader sedan

    Idk how unlucky I can be with the icon pack, I got DUPLICATE veron and what’s worst is my first veron was from mid/prime player pick

  • Awg


    3 månader sedan

    Mcjell made me happy with the first one but NOT AGAIN 😭😭😭😭

  • 영우
    영우3 månader sedan

    Andy: I packed Torres and Butra Back to back lol Danny: There's a perfect link! CapgunTom: Oh No Oh MY gOd

  • billy mitchel
    billy mitchel3 månader sedan

    I got butragueno and Kaka

    FLAKO DŻOŁDI3 månader sedan

    I also packed Fernando Torres ❤️

  • CamWT
    CamWT3 månader sedan

    I was luckier than you in terms of value because I done 2 and got butragueno and Roberto Carlos

  • XJokermanX
    XJokermanX3 månader sedan

    What are the odds

  • Nick Glen
    Nick Glen3 månader sedan

    I think if they are from a country with only one icon - and they ask for the nation: you can just say it’s the only icon for the nation. So it doesn’t ruin the game

  • Sam Perkins
    Sam Perkins3 månader sedan

    Oakley guessing butra put a smile on my face.

  • Seus Suad Ashssas
    Seus Suad Ashssas3 månader sedan

    Oakly is jusy too good at guess who

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit3 månader sedan

    I packed viera carlos and campell

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt3 månader sedan

    Well done Andy for getting some sick icons, hopefully we'll see a butragueno or Torres pop up in an sbsd soon

  • conjonsilver
    conjonsilver3 månader sedan

    I did 5 and got Rivaldo, Owen, shearer, Scholes and Hierro. 5 fat L's :( 2mil gone. Haven't played fifa since

  • Sonney QuintonDwyer
    Sonney QuintonDwyer3 månader sedan

    I’ve done 2 prime icon packs and got inzaghi and yashin and 3 base or mid and got mid Rio Ferdinand baby cech and baby Torres

  • Crnka
    Crnka3 månader sedan

    Brother is literally complainig that he will discard Butra ofc Oakley knows its Butra and not Raul wth

    BEN HUXLEY3 månader sedan

    And here’s me getting nesta deco and Moore twice

  • Aryan M
    Aryan M3 månader sedan

    I got baresi bruh

  • Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor3 månader sedan

    Gotta love gettin lithmanen or however ya spell it

  • JR25


    3 månader sedan

    You were 1 letter off

  • Darthpickle117
    Darthpickle1173 månader sedan

    I got nakata and guardiola out of mine... I am depression

  • Sean C
    Sean C3 månader sedan

    Butragueno coming to every SBSD for the next two months 😂

  • Magnus Støver
    Magnus Støver3 månader sedan

    Best video i’ve seen

  • HRK
    HRK3 månader sedan

    I got vieri out off my one

  • Steven Neitzke
    Steven Neitzke3 månader sedan

    I did 1 and got 93 Lothar

  • Ben O.
    Ben O.3 månader sedan

    There’s an alternate universe where he packed Torres lost the 50/50 and packed him again lmao

  • Ash Little
    Ash Little3 månader sedan

    Can wait for the "I'm going to use my untradeable Butra which I packed in a guess who against oakley" Danny Aaron's " that's why I wrote him down mate"

  • Ash Little
    Ash Little3 månader sedan

    Oakley to the rescue gg man

  • Finlay Weiss
    Finlay Weiss3 månader sedan

    Always love a bit of Guess Who! Class content lately, Andy, as always! Smashing it! Keep it up, mate!

  • Erlend Røsten
    Erlend Røsten3 månader sedan

    I got Pep Guardiola

  • Brandon Mizzi
    Brandon Mizzi3 månader sedan

    He helped Oakley when he was fuming in his first pack

  • Vetle Allum

    Vetle Allum

    24 dagar sedan

    @Ryan Hartigan nobody would get that excited for Torres in a prime pack.

  • Ryan Hartigan

    Ryan Hartigan

    3 månader sedan

    how does that help him at all, he’d be excited for either torres or butragueno all he said was it’s a 50/50 which was obvious

  • WorBland


    3 månader sedan

    Exactly, if he's gonna do it, he needs to do it properly

  • Lewis Nash
    Lewis Nash3 månader sedan

    I got prime easier

  • Ryan Paterson
    Ryan Paterson3 månader sedan

    Oakley on flames!!!

  • Diary Audish
    Diary Audish3 månader sedan


    RNG SPLIF3 månader sedan

    You been posting a lot andy

  • Brennen Morrison
    Brennen Morrison3 månader sedan

    I got kaka and Zola

  • CJ09-
    CJ09-3 månader sedan

    Surely that was cheating, the way Andy got stressed was so obvious he had the better Spanish ST.

  • CJ09-


    3 månader sedan

    @Had Everyone knows Butra is better in game than Torres

  • Had


    3 månader sedan

    I don’t think so, he didn’t even know he had the better one, he even said he thought Torres was more expensive

  • Hector Smith
    Hector Smith3 månader sedan

    I got Michael Owen

  • Innit bro
    Innit bro3 månader sedan

    Play the clip

  • Frederik Husmer
    Frederik Husmer3 månader sedan

    I packed prime Pelé. But i use a Barca themed team, so he is great fodder for another sbc lol

  • Ryan
    Ryan3 månader sedan

    Andy should do a tier list of how good people are at sbsd

  • Josef Lauder

    Josef Lauder

    3 månader sedan

    Yeah 100%

  • Jack Mone
    Jack Mone3 månader sedan

    I got Torres and cantona

  • Thomas Revill
    Thomas Revill3 månader sedan

    Shows how little Andy plays the game when he reacts like that for butragueno🥴

  • Eddy Clark
    Eddy Clark3 månader sedan

    Danny Aarons watching this: *capgun Tom clip*

  • Tom 4444
    Tom 44443 månader sedan

    You gave it away by being so stressed when he was going to guess torres or butra

  • Had


    3 månader sedan

    Not really, Andy didn’t even know he had the more expensive icon, he was just stressed cause the 50/50 can go either way cause they’re both great icons

  • Thomas Vidamour
    Thomas Vidamour3 månader sedan

    AJ: *explaining what a totgs is* Also AJ: “you know too much about fifa oakley”

  • JS7


    2 månader sedan

    @Rahena Chowdhury he’s saying what was in the video idiot

  • Rahena Chowdhury

    Rahena Chowdhury

    3 månader sedan

    Team of the groupstage is literally in the name mate, you dont have to be a genius to know what it is

  • Torstein Haland
    Torstein Haland3 månader sedan

    I love these