Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! TEAM OF THE SEASON NDOMBELE!!!

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But we are doing TOTS Ndombele, a Prem TOTS from Community TOTS


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  • AJ3
    AJ33 månader sedan

    First! Also sorry this is a bit late, I'm at my new house and don't have proper internet or my setup to sort it Make sure you go check out the vid I filmed with The Premier League 😃

  • Nick James

    Nick James

    3 månader sedan

    Pls do team of season VARDY pls

  • Joey Haneine

    Joey Haneine

    3 månader sedan

    Seriously considering disliking the video, even though I loved it, because of the penalty merchant vs the goat comparison

  • Shiven Mehta

    Shiven Mehta

    3 månader sedan

    when is the pack and play on the icon pack i cant wait

  • Retro_.uprising


    3 månader sedan

    Do digne with nep if possible

  • Saif Nabi

    Saif Nabi

    3 månader sedan

    Should of put a shadow on fabinho 80 acceleration 82 sprint speed 99 interceptions and tackling with 94 defensive awareness been great for me

  • IAmZacke
    IAmZackeMånad sedan

    Is Andys voice out of sync?

    XXASMIRXX2 månader sedan


  • Ciaran Pritchard
    Ciaran Pritchard2 månader sedan

    I want another sideman on sbsd

  • Osama Bean Ladin
    Osama Bean Ladin2 månader sedan

    Man put a BackBone on Fabinho and complained about him being slow

  • Kevin Quezada
    Kevin Quezada2 månader sedan

    I’m sorry but jack sucks at sbsd now

  • Ni J-S
    Ni J-S2 månader sedan

    Do a video on team of the season marcus rashfirs mbe I played with him and he is class man he is really good

  • Hutchy
    Hutchy2 månader sedan

    playing with fire when comparing KDB and bruno

  • GG_Illuminmole
    GG_Illuminmole2 månader sedan

    Fabiniho did have a backbone on not a shadow

  • Adam Siddique
    Adam Siddique2 månader sedan

    Do miniminter with de bruyne or bamford

  • Kieran Carlisle
    Kieran Carlisle2 månader sedan

    I’ve also been transfer banned, will that be gone by next fifa or will I have to make a new account

  • Tronci
    Tronci2 månader sedan

    I like you Andy but it's super annoying when you're super arrogant at times

  • Paddy McKean
    Paddy McKean2 månader sedan

    Andy always puts the sbs player in rcm and it gets guessed 🤣

  • Joe Quinn
    Joe Quinn2 månader sedan


  • Gianluca Ferrari
    Gianluca Ferrari2 månader sedan

    What happened to the comments I think it’s a glitch? You thought

  • Jack Capell
    Jack Capell2 månader sedan

    Seriously you got rid of icon etc for jovic

  • jaydenpriestley1
    jaydenpriestley12 månader sedan

    Crapradossi is in the serie a again andy with spezia

  • EXCUS3 my L4GG
    EXCUS3 my L4GG2 månader sedan

    “Out of a party bag Wendall” (wendall was an sbc)

  • Fraz_IA 19
    Fraz_IA 192 månader sedan

    Anyone else notice Andy building a rainbow squad then ruining it with schmeichel

  • CJ_Vortex
    CJ_Vortex2 månader sedan

    I Wish i Could have played sbsd against you. Would have been so much fun and i am wondering to start a fifa SEblack channel.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams2 månader sedan

    Please do Mason Mount

  • Dado Oliveira
    Dado Oliveira3 månader sedan

    The 3142 doesnt look that bad. Its similar to the meta 532 but with RM and LM instead of RWB and LWB

  • John Beeching
    John Beeching3 månader sedan

    “Wow” classic Jack

  • Declan Aitken
    Declan Aitken3 månader sedan

    Andy we need to see your sbsd on prime moments r9 that you oacked

  • Edgar Tafolla
    Edgar Tafolla3 månader sedan

    I’m still waiting for the digne sbsd

    GLITCH3 månader sedan

    Who else thought neuer was never?

  • Luca Piazza
    Luca Piazza3 månader sedan

    Squadbuilder Showdown with Miniminter?

  • Matt T BLN
    Matt T BLN3 månader sedan

    Love how he didn’t pick Ederson in case he was giving anything away for TOTS 😂

  • Alex Millar
    Alex Millar3 månader sedan

    No way u packed moments r9😮

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin3 månader sedan


  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia3 månader sedan

    Digne sbc squad building showdown?

  • L J
    L J3 månader sedan

    For everyone who doesn’t like the waffling & gameplay :) Formation picks 3:35 Striker picks 5:25 Midfielder picks 7:35 Fullback picks 11:35 GK picks 18:00 Discards 29:05

  • 영우
    영우3 månader sedan

    Upload a video on you Moments R9

  • Spurs Boys
    Spurs Boys3 månader sedan

    Here after aj3 packed moments r9

  • Bryan Bryan
    Bryan Bryan3 månader sedan

    Aj cheat watching his stream

  • DrGamer
    DrGamer3 månader sedan

    Aw dang was hoping to see big Steve in jacks team at left mid

  • Some Jokeman
    Some Jokeman3 månader sedan


  • Eldin Dalipagic
    Eldin Dalipagic3 månader sedan

    SBSData, can you please get a stat on how many times the word «mate» has been used in FIFA 21 SBSD? Cheers mate

  • Callum CjHAM44
    Callum CjHAM443 månader sedan

    Another victim to the RCM discard.

  • Joshua Toogood
    Joshua Toogood3 månader sedan

    No one else see Andy's team name?😂

  • Zaka Elha
    Zaka Elha3 månader sedan

    still waiting for the DIGNNNEE sbsd

  • gabe2308
    gabe23083 månader sedan

    Bruh right cm is the new cursed position

  • Isaac Walji
    Isaac Walji3 månader sedan

    AJ3 has the most punchable face lol

  • Quetzacoatl_
    Quetzacoatl_3 månader sedan

    Love seeing Jack get humiliated such a prick

  • syazwan S.
    syazwan S.3 månader sedan

    for someone with Skillitus, Butragueno isn't someone you wanna get anywhere near to

  • Jwan Hamo
    Jwan Hamo3 månader sedan

    My man got 1,5 mil subs but still crying over 300k

  • Eoghan Brennan
    Eoghan Brennan3 månader sedan

    Capguntom off wish = jack

  • Machio
    Machio3 månader sedan

    I'm so happy Jack won :) I hated how smug Andy was when he guessed Jack's formation and 2 players

  • Alexander Manthe
    Alexander Manthe3 månader sedan

    Love the video. Bring pi on some time soon.

  • Yo man h
    Yo man h3 månader sedan

    Congrats on that premier league video, that’s massive AJ3 to the moon

  • Lars Delheye
    Lars Delheye3 månader sedan

    Why didnt he just take Saint-Max

  • FuZioN_Leo
    FuZioN_Leo3 månader sedan

    Can you do mason mountn

  • David Teasdale
    David Teasdale3 månader sedan

    Letting pen and paper boy beat u Andy..... What's going on?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Samuel Foggo
    Samuel Foggo3 månader sedan

    Btw Andy the honeyman song you were thinking of is called honeypie

  • Trav TDS
    Trav TDS3 månader sedan

    Why do I bother watching these videos Andy speaks so much shit

  • Trav TDS
    Trav TDS3 månader sedan

    “I wAs GoInG tO sAy That” Yeah well done writing it down and realising it after he said he wants a defensive icon, not that hard to guess the strong link 🙄

  • Amirmani panjnoush
    Amirmani panjnoush3 månader sedan

    “Andy playing 41212narrow without overlap fullbacks and no players who can head the ball” Also Andy: I couldn’t do any thing

  • AJ3


    3 månader sedan

    Head the ball? 🤨

  • Joey Priestman
    Joey Priestman3 månader sedan

    Jacks lost his account and his whiteboard in the same week and Andy rubs it in by taking his formation to start off 🤣

  • ThatKid Fro
    ThatKid Fro3 månader sedan

    Flashbacks to TOTY Kante, it’s always the french midfielders

  • OMGitsMorgan
    OMGitsMorgan3 månader sedan

    Bit of a joke that ea are still banning people who clearly arent cheating and especially when its people like yourselves who have most of their time spent on fifa on the internet

  • Collin 6667
    Collin 66673 månader sedan

    Is the take-an-extra-trump-card-when-guessing-the-formation still a thing?😂

  • Codyleicester 09
    Codyleicester 093 månader sedan

    Get Manny on when tots lukaku comes out and do it on him

  • Codyleicester 09

    Codyleicester 09

    2 månader sedan

    @Emre Konal his name use to be the manager of man u

  • Emre Konal

    Emre Konal

    2 månader sedan

    @JS7 I?

  • JS7


    2 månader sedan

    @Codyleicester 09 lukaku is rubbish. Why do u think I sold him?

  • Codyleicester 09

    Codyleicester 09

    2 månader sedan

    @JS7 shutup

  • JS7


    2 månader sedan

    Rubbish *

  • olmac2004 _
    olmac2004 _3 månader sedan

    I've got RTTF Pogba and TOTS Ndombele. Who do I use?

  • Gee
    Gee3 månader sedan

    do a squad builde showdown with w2s plz i want the flashback, like this if u want it

  • Dexo
    Dexo3 månader sedan

    OF course fab is bad when u dont have shadow on him try him with a shadow then u can tell if he is good or bad :)

  • Drakett 92
    Drakett 923 månader sedan

    Deffo didn’t get that Wendell in a party bag lad

  • ben meldrum
    ben meldrum3 månader sedan

    Is jack depressed or just boring as fook these days? Personality down the drain mate

  • Alex Woodhouse
    Alex Woodhouse3 månader sedan

    I know this isn't the Prem video but for me Bruno's toty is clunky whereas KDB is smooth, I can't wait to be able to afford tots KDB

  • Hector Smith
    Hector Smith3 månader sedan

    I can't wait for andy to use his moments R9 once

  • Massive Wet Chicken
    Massive Wet Chicken3 månader sedan

    They were seriously debating if u can get sbcs in a party bag 😂

  • V3nom
    V3nom3 månader sedan

    When did jack get transferred banned?

  • Curtis Tomlin
    Curtis Tomlin3 månader sedan

    Wendell was an sbc not part bag g

  • Giorgos Mavros
    Giorgos Mavros3 månader sedan

    Do a sbsd on R9 with manny

  • XxAmmaarxX
    XxAmmaarxX3 månader sedan

    18:50 Andy: Very very sneaky Me: Very very stinky

  • Sxvvy YT
    Sxvvy YT3 månader sedan

    Wendell from a party bag ????

  • manutd10 manutd103 månader sedan

    Do a prank on james

  • Oscar Bruce
    Oscar Bruce3 månader sedan

    Can you do TOTS Aaron Wan-Bissaka

  • Oscar Bruce
    Oscar Bruce3 månader sedan

    Can you do TOTS Marcus Rashford

  • PDB Clan
    PDB Clan3 månader sedan

    @AJ3 Casemiro, militao and any la liga keeper

  • Mr Chaos
    Mr Chaos3 månader sedan

    Shouldn't there have been another discard? For the red card? :)

  • Joedapro2009
    Joedapro20093 månader sedan

    Thank you so much for still pumping out content even in a time where you have a lot going on. Ur vids always make me smile and I have so much respect for you even being a Liverpool fan lol. Heres to a great end to FIFA 21 and a great start to FIFA 22!

  • Vibhish Raghuraman
    Vibhish Raghuraman3 månader sedan


  • Nathan Jackson
    Nathan Jackson3 månader sedan

    Wendell is an sbc Andy 🤣 didn't get him in a party bag pal

  • Hafeez Muhammad
    Hafeez Muhammad3 månader sedan

    "Okay fantastic"

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez3 månader sedan

    Jack sucks

  • Gayatri Vaishampayan
    Gayatri Vaishampayan3 månader sedan


  • Kenny Ojewale
    Kenny Ojewale3 månader sedan

    26:58 "not got an intro"

  • Dolph Bully
    Dolph Bully3 månader sedan

    Where’s the digne sbsd

  • Thiago Couto
    Thiago Couto3 månader sedan

    Speaking of Telles, I wish he would get more opportunities to play even if Luke Shaw has stepped up to the plate!

  • The Three Baldies

    The Three Baldies

    3 månader sedan

    Cos you have this one's to watch 😂

  • Jamie Parry

    Jamie Parry

    3 månader sedan


  • Muhammed Hussein
    Muhammed Hussein3 månader sedan

    What is it with fifa SEblackrs and moving houses every five minutes 😂

  • Alfie Brown
    Alfie Brown3 månader sedan

    Andy stfu KDB is ahead of Bruno by a mile!

  • Frogger 2815
    Frogger 28153 månader sedan

    Can you do one on tots mason mount

  • Ida Bagus Nyoman Bharata SL
    Ida Bagus Nyoman Bharata SL3 månader sedan

    bruh jack sucks in terms of guessing

  • Charlie Hudson
    Charlie Hudson3 månader sedan

    Do TOTS Harry Kane

  • Dylan Wetton
    Dylan Wetton3 månader sedan

    Please do a tots Moments Digne Sbsd with Neppo !

  • 영우
    영우3 månader sedan

    Why is your team name CheersSonCrying... I am a fan of Son and I was kind of disappointed :_

  • Kurri
    Kurri3 månader sedan

    In case jack wanted to know bernardeschi is good 👌

  • WAVE000014
    WAVE0000143 månader sedan

    Fabinho with Backbone and u expect him to be good Andy?!

  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas Kriticos3 månader sedan

    Putting Ndombele @ RCM, U knew what was going to happen 😂

  • amaaniqba1_
    amaaniqba1_3 månader sedan

    Everyone gonna ignore he said he got wendell out of a party bag