Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! GUARANTEED PRIME ICON PACK!!!

OPENING A GUARANTEED PRIME ICON PACK TO CHOOSE THE MARQUEE PLAYER!!! Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown on the guaranteed Prime Icon SBC

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  • Thomas White
    Thomas WhiteMånad sedan

    Is it just me or did anyone else wanna see what he packed at the end? 😂

    UROS KAZANOVICMånad sedan

    5:40 thank me later

  • Michael Moloney
    Michael MoloneyMånad sedan

    The first 5 mins are just exclusively talking

  • N1nja
    N1njaMånad sedan


  • astrohate
    astrohateMånad sedan

    jack is so trash

  • Harry Dickinson
    Harry Dickinson2 månader sedan

    6 minutes later finally opens the pack 🥳

  • Joshy B
    Joshy B2 månader sedan

    Andy said it will get 400k views and it got 400,434 views🤣😂😂

  • Alex Sharkey
    Alex Sharkey2 månader sedan

    Always a banging vid with jack

  • Vortex-Ginger
    Vortex-Ginger3 månader sedan

    Ginger guy said stinky squad when he had to put normal Alex Sandro and he’s sitting there with 2 80 rated full backs

  • Sharjeel Mazhar
    Sharjeel Mazhar3 månader sedan

    James is so bad at fifa cba

  • Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin3 månader sedan

    I got prime r9 in my second 1

    LOCALDEPRESSEDKID9993 månader sedan

    Andy can you do a squad builder Showdown on the flashback chicarito ( like so Andy can see )

  • Simeon Conjagic
    Simeon Conjagic3 månader sedan


  • jay dogg
    jay dogg3 månader sedan

    imagine supporting for 7 years and they make u pay to see their content lmao

  • Squashead Man
    Squashead Man3 månader sedan


  • Noa
    Noa3 månader sedan

    Why didn’t you use neres??

  • Len Geerts
    Len Geerts3 månader sedan

    Bad videos.

  • Tronci
    Tronci3 månader sedan

    I never understood how some FIFA SEblackrs are so bad at FIFA

  • Khiyelan Bobbitt
    Khiyelan Bobbitt3 månader sedan

    Got nedved 💔

  • Cheeseyass Cheek
    Cheeseyass Cheek3 månader sedan

    Violated jack in the description

  • Ethan Barrett
    Ethan Barrett3 månader sedan

    Just me or does figo’s player look like shrek when he turned into a human

  • Diarmuid McLoughlin
    Diarmuid McLoughlin3 månader sedan

    Shock andys being a sweat again

  • Sam Back
    Sam Back3 månader sedan

    Do a squad builder showdown with TWOSYNC mat or Chris please we’d love to see it

  • Ditto Foundation
    Ditto Foundation3 månader sedan

    Jack12.5%HD in the description 🤣

  • Noa Young
    Noa Young3 månader sedan

    its been a 7 years of Andy calling Itani a cheat XD

  • Akhil Jasson
    Akhil Jasson3 månader sedan

    Jack: road to the final Brandt FIFA: Oh shit! Here he goes it again!

    FREDDIE PlayZ3 månader sedan

    this dosent make sense andys whole is 954 rated but jacks is 952 but has 1 star more

  • leo stewart
    leo stewart3 månader sedan

    8:32 Andy really forgot that he had already guessed his formation 😭😭😭

  • Tommy Martin

    Tommy Martin

    3 månader sedan

    he might have just been showing his whiteboard because jack had paper

  • barak avni
    barak avni3 månader sedan

    seen evvry SBSD on this channel since 2018 and its never gets old andy KEEP UP the good work👌👌👌👌

  • Finley Feast Music
    Finley Feast Music3 månader sedan

    promes off chem

  • Calum Cahill
    Calum Cahill3 månader sedan

    SBSD on Dallas??

  • Tom J
    Tom J3 månader sedan

    Andy “ u have a stinky squad” Also Andy*has a 74 pace cb and a shit Cm*

  • DaddyDavies


    3 månader sedan

    74 pace for a centre back is good. He doesnt use Mendy or Varane

  • Shawn Peters
    Shawn Peters3 månader sedan

    SBSD is the best series on YT

  • Jamie Riccardo
    Jamie Riccardo3 månader sedan

    Andy's defence being 85, 86, 87 and 88 was really satisfying

  • Viddy


    3 månader sedan

    good catch

  • Viddy


    3 månader sedan

    trueee, didn’t realise that

  • Sufc Blade
    Sufc Blade3 månader sedan

    It’s better when you start from back

    DAMIAN TINAJERO3 månader sedan

    Isnt SBSD supposed to be a hybrid team?

  • Yatharth G
    Yatharth G3 månader sedan

    Imagine flexing prime Figo when it’s mid Figo 😂

  • Charlie Davidson
    Charlie Davidson3 månader sedan

    Quick poll thumbs up or thumbs down if you think Andy did neres

    OHHHMAGOD3 månader sedan

    Im hungry, help me

  • BIU Dika
    BIU Dika3 månader sedan

    Imagine having the super league and linking all the top players

  • Eberechi Eze
    Eberechi Eze3 månader sedan

    No one: Absolutely no one: Jack: Gonna go for a bit of ______

  • The Gaming Crew
    The Gaming Crew3 månader sedan

    that intro was long than trents name ngl

  • Nathan Hutchison
    Nathan Hutchison3 månader sedan

    @jack stop ✋ cheating

  • Shaun Ward
    Shaun Ward3 månader sedan

    Andy still using the trainer in April the snake 😂

  • Andrew Shore
    Andrew Shore3 månader sedan

    Last time i was this earlier SEblack Worked Better

  • Andrew Shore
    Andrew Shore3 månader sedan

    Jack you disgrace not using a whiteboard

  • Finlay Weiss
    Finlay Weiss3 månader sedan

    My favorite SBSD duo! Always love a collab between you and Jack! Top class video, Andy! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Sanitizer3 månader sedan

    I feel like the whole getting ur links settled before the last round gets old. Everyone does it now and just makes it impossible to ever guess much lol.

  • Faisal Alhodaithy
    Faisal Alhodaithy3 månader sedan

    I know its all jokes, but you can sense the passive aggressiveness between em in this video 😂, the whole stinky squads segment. I love it

  • Jack Hardy
    Jack Hardy3 månader sedan

    Leeds vs Greeds

  • michael deeping
    michael deeping3 månader sedan

    I can't believe he didn't say figo, so so so obvious

  • Mashed Chap
    Mashed Chap3 månader sedan

    He stops waffling and opens the pack at 6:05

  • jacobtreida
    jacobtreida3 månader sedan

    He’s gets van de sar SPOILLLLLERRRRR

  • Michael Ledbetter
    Michael Ledbetter3 månader sedan

    I actually go to sleep watching old sbsd videos every night

  • TanTrummm
    TanTrummm3 månader sedan

    love this series❤️💯

  • barry de Vent
    barry de Vent3 månader sedan

    Note the intro lasted for 5 minutes+

  • Edgar Tafolla
    Edgar Tafolla3 månader sedan

    When jack choose those fall backs had to clean my screen thought that was itani

  • Jareth.Chavez
    Jareth.Chavez3 månader sedan

    24:23 funneled it with no power he says puts a whole 3 bars

  • GregorBRADGregor
    GregorBRADGregor3 månader sedan

    I got van der sar too and my reaction was the exact same 👍🏻

  • Jamie Gilmore
    Jamie Gilmore3 månader sedan

    6:06 he actually opens the icon pack

  • Fearo_YT
    Fearo_YT3 månader sedan

    Who is better jack or oakelfish🤔🤔??

  • Wez D
    Wez D3 månader sedan

    Gotta do that squad builder showdown not using anyone going into the European super League 😂

  • Noob geimer
    Noob geimer3 månader sedan

    How do you think FIFA 21 Will be with The super League

  • Leonardo Rizzetto
    Leonardo Rizzetto3 månader sedan

    anyone else notice how Gabriel Jesus scored at exactly the 33 minute and 33 second of the bloody game?

  • Wesley_B2005 '
    Wesley_B2005 '3 månader sedan

    6 minuten untill je finaly starts that's way to long

  • Natu Hagos
    Natu Hagos3 månader sedan

    You should always pick trios like all midfielders, picking randomly for discards rarely works

  • Josh Hansley
    Josh Hansley3 månader sedan

    What a rat

  • Zeltron6ixBil
    Zeltron6ixBil3 månader sedan

    Andy, I don’t even play fifa anymore but I watch sbsd when I have dinner after I get back from work. Keep up the good work!

  • Fabian Lande
    Fabian Lande3 månader sedan

    Not that it matters, but it isnt prime Figo

  • George Fred
    George Fred3 månader sedan

    Such a dead icon

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman3 månader sedan

    Don’t lie Harry made you discard millions

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman3 månader sedan


  • Andrew Doyle
    Andrew Doyle3 månader sedan

    Showdown tolisso would have been a perfect link for every1 instaed of mid mattheus

  • Jake Lawson
    Jake Lawson3 månader sedan

    I did this sbc and got lundrop pray for me

  • Anssi Saarinen
    Anssi Saarinen3 månader sedan

    You should put a chalk board or a white board at the background and put the number of that sbsd

  • Lewis Lawson
    Lewis Lawson3 månader sedan

    7 years!!, im 17 now crazy to think i been watching this since i was 10 years old

  • Imran Muktar
    Imran Muktar3 månader sedan

    Is this the last SBSD before TOTS?

  • Freddie Pittaway
    Freddie Pittaway3 månader sedan

    Do a sbsd but you get to choose the other players marquee player, so you can pick like flashback higuain to make it hard to link

  • Brooke Martin
    Brooke Martin3 månader sedan

    That’s more than doctor who episodes that came out in 1963 mate

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill3 månader sedan

    IM SO SORRY ANDY, I could see that you were gutted about van der Saar - better luck in TOTS hopefully!

  • Blasian Persuasion
    Blasian Persuasion3 månader sedan

    The pack ones are fire

  • Nosliw Wilson
    Nosliw Wilson3 månader sedan

    two most viewed sbsds are on harry's (w2s) channel and the next two are pranks on reev

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson3 månader sedan

    This is so much better than seeing football go to war about the super league.

  • Jack Sumner
    Jack Sumner3 månader sedan

    I wonder how jack does in champs

  • Andrew Mooney
    Andrew Mooney3 månader sedan

    6 minutes to open an icon pack get a grip specky

  • Brendan Sherwood
    Brendan Sherwood3 månader sedan

    imagine if the guy running sbdata was on a sbd episode

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell3 månader sedan


  • Mouse_Warrior16
    Mouse_Warrior163 månader sedan

    I got a squad builder showdown idea which is u both get the lowest rated gk in the game and try to make a good team protecting your goalkeeper, it still has normal SBS rules and it might be fun

  • Kmeplz
    Kmeplz3 månader sedan

    When does the video actually start?

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti3 månader sedan

    Wouldn’t it be better if they both opened prime icon packs?

  • The Lone Dog
    The Lone Dog3 månader sedan

    C’mon I found van der Sar too, it’s a guaranteed disgrace then 😂

  • shadi safadi
    shadi safadi3 månader sedan

    Andy do a special event on the 80th like co-op squad builder showdown.

  • Zach Scholefield
    Zach Scholefield3 månader sedan

    Jack is a cheat!!!

  • Lucas Verrelli
    Lucas Verrelli3 månader sedan

    For the SBS Data, does it mean for other channels as well

  • Stephen Cullen
    Stephen Cullen3 månader sedan

    Thoughts on the super league

  • Edgar Jr Escoto
    Edgar Jr Escoto3 månader sedan

    Jacks link in the description 😂😂😂😂

  • syed zaidi
    syed zaidi3 månader sedan

    legit gonna miss you stupid blue toffees and the merseyside derby

  • Jordan 10
    Jordan 103 månader sedan

    hold on are you allowed a LM and LF?

  • Dino Yee
    Dino Yee3 månader sedan

    Get ready for new super league cards in fifa lol

  • Bewlay Kid
    Bewlay Kid3 månader sedan

    i got keane