CAN I PULL ANOTHER HUGE ONE!?! Fifa 21 Pack and Play on the Guaranteed Brazil/German/Spanish Icon SBC!!!


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  • Blxnk Fn
    Blxnk Fn27 dagar sedan

    Cute doggys 😍❤️💖💖💖💖😍❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩

  • darkdreamgamez
    darkdreamgamezMånad sedan

    Imagine if he acked r9 again it would be named aj3 trading method

  • OllieSutton
    OllieSuttonMånad sedan

    Its prime, not moments.....0

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend RayquazaMånad sedan


  • Bobby Shalom
    Bobby ShalomMånad sedan


  • Toby Watkins
    Toby WatkinsMånad sedan

    Kolarov ?

  • ChipsFn On YT
    ChipsFn On YTMånad sedan

    James got Kolorov not Gaya

  • George Cant
    George CantMånad sedan

    andy explains the rules then doesn’t follow the rules 😂😂

  • Marvinio
    MarvinioMånad sedan

    The way you pronounce schøne......

  • Rehan Salman
    Rehan SalmanMånad sedan

    Should have taken tots tadic over azpi

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNuttMånad sedan

    In all fairness James deserved some lucky for getting his account banned with all his sick icons

  • Michael Skounakis
    Michael SkounakisMånad sedan

    do an sbsd on vinicius ptg

  • Oran Blackburn
    Oran BlackburnMånad sedan

    Why didn’t James buy Martinez rb

  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas KriticosMånad sedan

    Andy only packs Spanish icons… Torres, Butragueno, & now Raul…

  • Biddley Boo Taribo West
    Biddley Boo Taribo WestMånad sedan

    Dog is going absolutely offit there like

  • Cian Oneil
    Cian OneilMånad sedan

    Can you stop doing videos with that fanny he is so annoying get some new guests

  • Daniell Lovell
    Daniell LovellMånad sedan

    James is just an utter tosser

  • Joshyyybhoy
    JoshyyybhoyMånad sedan

    Can you do a squad builder showdown with Bateson itshaber or Matthdgamer

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward JacksonMånad sedan

    Prime Moments Raul is amazing

  • Luka Mateljak
    Luka MateljakMånad sedan

    Whats your camera settings

  • Taylor Paget
    Taylor PagetMånad sedan

    Can I ask what happend to the aj3 plays channel ?

  • Ahnaf Tahmid Khan
    Ahnaf Tahmid KhanMånad sedan

    Can you do a SBSD with BD forlencer?

  • PDB Clan
    PDB ClanMånad sedan

    I got so pissed when Andy didn’t take David to strong link to aouar

  • Alex Dosanjh
    Alex DosanjhMånad sedan

    Andy playing 5 back Im disgusted

  • BuddySally88
    BuddySally88Månad sedan

    Since when can you preview the pack, and the pack set up as changed?

  • Andy Ferari
    Andy FerariMånad sedan

    Let’s see if I would’ve saved d. Costa my safe positions are RST RCM and CCB

  • Andy Ferari

    Andy Ferari

    Månad sedan

    Not only have I saved all three of aouar fekir and d. Costa I did so in an infatic passion

  • Jonathon Whiting
    Jonathon WhitingMånad sedan

    William is oaklefish's twin

  • Ready to Fly
    Ready to FlyMånad sedan

    I didn't know Andy watched F1

  • Xd Blur
    Xd BlurMånad sedan

    andy i got wijnaldum in the 82 two plus player pick and i only did one 🤩🤩

  • Bryan Bryan
    Bryan BryanMånad sedan

    Don’t watch this channel unless it’s squad builder showdown get back to you lads ✌🏼

  • Im a Lonely Dino:(
    Im a Lonely Dino:(Månad sedan

    James you stinker of a person youre playing carlos alberto left cb,not cool

  • Isaac Keohane
    Isaac KeohaneMånad sedan

    How do I get my account on the list James is on

  • AWX
    AWXMånad sedan

    It would be cool if at they end they jumbled the teams and they both get a pick on the other persons team, whichever person they pick is replaced with the icon

  • Hazzmatt Plays
    Hazzmatt PlaysMånad sedan

    The itsjames trading method is brilliant to be fair. I tried it earlier today and got red 98 cr7 from champs rewards and moments gullit from swaps

  • Captn W
    Captn WMånad sedan

    How the hell does James never get red cards. He does it all the time and never cops one red.

  • Travis Scheppele
    Travis ScheppeleMånad sedan

    "Biggest pack and play of the year"? Are we forgetting moments R9???

  • Karl Iveberg
    Karl IvebergMånad sedan

    How did he get the icon pack?

  • Jonathan Cowan
    Jonathan CowanMånad sedan

    Nothing is better than this duo in videos

  • TDC MrEcho
    TDC MrEchoMånad sedan

    I got rebic from a 75+ rated player pack

  • Mathias1212
    Mathias1212Månad sedan

    It hurts every time Andy says “SKON” when its pronounced so differently, “sjoene” is the closest way i can spell it.

  • Casper Pedersen

    Casper Pedersen

    Månad sedan

    mente ja

  • Casper Pedersen

    Casper Pedersen

    Månad sedan

    jep helt enig

  • XJokermanX


    Månad sedan

    @Mathias1212 very nice

  • Mathias1212


    Månad sedan

    @XJokermanX ffs lol

  • XJokermanX


    Månad sedan


  • Pogba Fernandes Santos
    Pogba Fernandes SantosMånad sedan

    Andy just wondering what’s with the very inconsistent uploads

  • Ole-Andreas Skår
    Ole-Andreas SkårMånad sedan

    Karma coming in FIFA 22, James gets no big players what so ever for the entire year

  • Ole-Andreas Skår

    Ole-Andreas Skår

    Månad sedan

    @CJ Playz Probably, thats better content tho xd

  • Joey da Niners Fan

    Joey da Niners Fan

    Månad sedan

    Lol what karma, his account got banned alr

  • CJ Playz

    CJ Playz

    Månad sedan

    And moments Henry and prime Ronaldinho

  • CJ Playz

    CJ Playz

    Månad sedan

    Apart from a 5 mil coin Eusebio

    ILMNZ DEATHMånad sedan

    Hi great content keep up the good work

  • Ari 348
    Ari 348Månad sedan

    Nice to see the pride flag while opening your packs Andy, good job

    BEN HUXLEYMånad sedan

    What does James mean Raul won’t give him chemistry? There is no possible way that putting Raul in won’t gain him chemistry

  • ST14
    ST14Månad sedan

    One of the best and funniest yet😂😂

  • swirlzy_
    swirlzy_Månad sedan

    Pov: your still waiting for the battle of the brides🙃

  • Ian Wilson
    Ian WilsonMånad sedan

    Don't think I've missed a video in about 2 years 🤣 can't get enough Andy boy!

  • Fabian Tha one

    Fabian Tha one

    Månad sedan

    That’s sus



    Månad sedan

    Thats great Ian 👍

  • DimiTayet
    DimiTayetMånad sedan

    Imagine he pulled another prime moments r9 untradeable💀

  • Manchester is red

    Manchester is red

    Månad sedan


  • Hi Hi
    Hi HiMånad sedan

    Could u maybe do a SBSD with Two sync plz

  • Konohamaru Gaming
    Konohamaru GamingMånad sedan

    Do a sbsd on ben chilwell ptg

  • mayur dhurmea
    mayur dhurmeaMånad sedan

    Andy keeps his Douglas Costa, and in his head does the 'Mark Webber scream from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix' out of relief

  • Jonah Hubble
    Jonah HubbleMånad sedan

    Me watching these 45k packs who got two greens (Chilwell and klostermann) 😱😂😎

  • Darragh Larkin
    Darragh LarkinMånad sedan

    I think abba is abbaababba

  • Joseph Slaney
    Joseph SlaneyMånad sedan

    All That James guy does is bloody moan can he stop being mr know it all !

    PARS YAZMANOGLUMånad sedan

    Why is this pinned

  • myotheraccount57
    myotheraccount57Månad sedan

    Andy it's called ABBA because it's "A-B-B-A-A-B-B-A-A-B-B-A" and so on lol

    YOU TUBE BOSS MANMånad sedan

    Such an annoying person and soo hateful and also unwanted person I’ve ever seen ya fud

    YOU TUBE BOSS MANMånad sedan

    James your such an great example of me never wanting to meet you ever in my life I would rather die than meet you

  • Karl Hughes
    Karl HughesMånad sedan

    We need the bateson sbsd

  • Ostetoast
    OstetoastMånad sedan

    Love how andy and james always butchers Schøne's name

  • Fred Nuboer
    Fred NuboerMånad sedan

    imagine andy packs moments ronaldo again

  • B.T official
    B.T officialMånad sedan

    icon pack 18.26

  • Ben histon
    Ben histonMånad sedan

    Andy and James makes my day

  • pipbeg12
    pipbeg12Månad sedan

    He got prime raul

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato GamerMånad sedan

    Assumed it wasn't a good icon pack when James hadn't uploaded it before you 😂😂

  • manoj kumaar
    manoj kumaarMånad sedan

    itsjames is just packing icons like w2s does in fifa 19

  • BigKickNick
    BigKickNickMånad sedan

    I thought James’ name was pronounced “Hah-Mez”

  • Khrom3


    Månad sedan

    Spanish J is pronounced as an English H. Both correct, just depends on who you're talking to

  • Andres Lopez

    Andres Lopez

    Månad sedan

    In spanish

  • kai lik butt

    kai lik butt

    Månad sedan

    It is

  • Dannyarronschild
    DannyarronschildMånad sedan

    Andy ur the best

  • Ac3 Strange
    Ac3 StrangeMånad sedan

    From a 45k pack I got prime Denmark gk I cba to spell his name

  • EvilJeffgaming
    EvilJeffgamingMånad sedan

    @aj3 sbsd against runthefutmarket on moments r9

  • T T
    T TMånad sedan

    Can’t believe Andy is complaining about James’s pack luck when he packs Prime Moments R9

  • Qais


    Månad sedan

    @YOU TUBE BOSS MAN who, james



    Månad sedan

    @Qais shut up have you seen how lucky the other person is

  • Qais


    Månad sedan

    All he does is complain when the opponent scores in sbsd

  • Jordan Drummond
    Jordan DrummondMånad sedan

    You better have SBSD Coming out

  • Sune Lass Schmidt
    Sune Lass SchmidtMånad sedan

    Someone really need to tell Andy how to pronounce Schøne, its not even close to what he says. There is no K sound at all, Sch is basically and S sound.

  • TiMKW
    TiMKWMånad sedan

    The A-B-B-A thing you were talking about with penalties is ABBAABBAABBA... i believe

  • James Bailey

    James Bailey

    Månad sedan

    Yeah it is

  • Grandad Tommy123
    Grandad Tommy123Månad sedan


  • Aidan Hardie
    Aidan HardieMånad sedan

    64 th comment yasss

  • jinloki white
    jinloki whiteMånad sedan

    Couldn't they upgrade Raul to his moment's

  • Dylan Nesbitt

    Dylan Nesbitt

    Månad sedan

    @Éire Abú I’ll know for again

  • Éire Abú

    Éire Abú

    Månad sedan

    @Dylan Nesbitt Ur own fault for reading the comments

  • Dylan Nesbitt

    Dylan Nesbitt

    Månad sedan

    Spoiled the whole video 😭😭😭

  • Liverpool10
    Liverpool10Månad sedan

    Andy : not again Ollie Watkins

  • Liverpool10
    Liverpool10Månad sedan

    Lol Andy got Schone again 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pixelgamer _69
    Pixelgamer _69Månad sedan

    Oh look it's andy Townsend and the Chinese boy

  • E U A N
    E U A NMånad sedan

    You’ve got the ABBA thing completely wrong but it’s fine

  • Luke Morgan

    Luke Morgan

    Månad sedan

    @Justus Boek no it’s not 😂😂 it’s AB BA AB BA AB BA and so on. i just looked it up again just to make sure

  • Justus Boek

    Justus Boek

    Månad sedan

    @Luke Morgan nah just A B B A B A B A B…

  • Luke Morgan

    Luke Morgan

    Månad sedan

    @Matt Burkinshaw mate it goes A B B A A B B A A B B A ...... and so on

  • Matt Burkinshaw

    Matt Burkinshaw

    Månad sedan

    ABBABAB pen style

  • Tyler Sorensen

    Tyler Sorensen

    Månad sedan

    Pretty sure it’s called a snake draft

    HÏDÏPØ ŠHÏKÛFÅMånad sedan

    18:40 you’re welcome

  • WilliamC34
    WilliamC34Månad sedan

    Video idea: Do a Squad Builder Showdown on an SBC player and you’re only allowed to play with SBC players

  • Owen Plays YT

    Owen Plays YT

    28 dagar sedan

    @Ben McNutt Marcelo or something

  • Ben McNutt

    Ben McNutt

    Månad sedan

    @A Storrar I can guarantee that he won't have full backs

  • Joe White

    Joe White

    Månad sedan

    Everyone would be able to guess all the players?

  • Clips and Tricks

    Clips and Tricks

    Månad sedan

    And he doesnt say to the other person so they wouldnt guess all of them

  • anonymoustjoma


    Månad sedan

    Too easy too guess

  • N1nja
    N1njaMånad sedan


  • WilliamC34


    Månad sedan

    My guy, ur 17 mins late

    SAFWAAN LMånad sedan


  • Bee Addict
    Bee AddictMånad sedan

    Made my evening

  • Ferny 004
    Ferny 004Månad sedan

    Sbsd with bateson or riot

  • Josh Jones
    Josh JonesMånad sedan

    Andys icon pack at 18:26

  • Kayden Baker Gander

    Kayden Baker Gander

    Månad sedan


  • Zachary Payne
    Zachary PayneMånad sedan

    Love your vids

  • lazarbeam clips
    lazarbeam clipsMånad sedan

    chielwel from ptg 2 gurented pack dub or l

  • Daboi2000
    Daboi2000Månad sedan

    The ultimate duo

  • Aleksa Janković
    Aleksa JankovićMånad sedan

    Andy snaked James with picks

    Z2 GAMINGMånad sedan


  • Liam Fitzsimons
    Liam FitzsimonsMånad sedan

    This video was insane

  • futbol._.content
    futbol._.contentMånad sedan

    When you open the pack and see a spanish flag: 😔

  • xxNacional


    Månad sedan

    @Future Trunks oh right.......true -w-

  • Future Trunks

    Future Trunks

    Månad sedan

    @xxNacional he already got him

  • Nicky McCool

    Nicky McCool

    Månad sedan

    @Marco Benavides my condolences

  • xxNacional


    Månad sedan

    @Marco Benavides oh god, you poor bastard

  • Marco Benavides

    Marco Benavides

    Månad sedan

    I got prime klose

  • Muhammed Camara
    Muhammed CamaraMånad sedan

    We love you Andy and james

  • Swxty Clan
    Swxty ClanMånad sedan

    Nice. I’d

  • Swxty Clan

    Swxty Clan

    Månad sedan

    Nice vid

  • Reshirex
    ReshirexMånad sedan


  • fluffy curtis
    fluffy curtisMånad sedan

    early :)