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  • Tiago Vargas
    Tiago Vargas4 dagar sedan

    How has xavi only got 95 passing i know its good but its xavi

  • im Payton.T
    im Payton.T22 dagar sedan


  • Roy Keane
    Roy Keane25 dagar sedan

    This was hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mc monkeyzzz
    Mc monkeyzzzMånad sedan

    Yo your sick✌️

  • Robbie
    RobbieMånad sedan

    Ever since I have ran a good morning I love love you love love the love love you love love the love you have love you love love the good tattoo thanks for the good love you have a nice morning thanks for a nice morning thanks again love love the good love you have a nice morning thanks for the good morning love love ❤️ good 😌 hi 🙋‍♀️ good 😌 ok 👍 good 😌 hi 🙋‍♂️ good 😌 ok 👍 hi 🙋‍♂️ good 😌 hi 🙋‍♂️ ok 👍 hi 🙋‍♀️ good 😌 hi 🙋‍♂️ ok

  • Diane Smith
    Diane SmithMånad sedan

    Quickly xx

  • Tom Blackburn
    Tom BlackburnMånad sedan

    Idea for types of clips episodes: Running Jokes. For example, every time Oakley calls you a cheat 👍

  • NL - 10ZZ 704088 David Suzuki SS
    NL - 10ZZ 704088 David Suzuki SSMånad sedan

    How about the discard on fifa 16 with itani where you hit the 92 rated Baresi and sniped it

  • Rida Ramlawi
    Rida RamlawiMånad sedan

    Clip: when CapGunTom told you his guesses in SBSD

  • oneHD145 oneHD145
    oneHD145 oneHD145Månad sedan

    Can u do a SBS on TOTS Bamba

  • JH077
    JH0772 månader sedan

    who else here is in the future where there is a sick TOTS lucas pueqata

  • Fortnite Clipz
    Fortnite Clipz2 månader sedan

    Err do formations even matter

  • Bradley Hiskett
    Bradley Hiskett2 månader sedan

    The thing is, Fellani is probably better than Xavi 😂😂

  • Ebbe Wedstedt
    Ebbe Wedstedt2 månader sedan

    You need to post the toty kante discards

  • Charley
    Charley2 månader sedan

    Pls can someone tell me what the song at 7.28 is

  • mason challinor
    mason challinor2 månader sedan

    Some question leg-wear there Andy

  • Tommy Haddon
    Tommy Haddon2 månader sedan

    Anything with itani

  • Joshua Scott Davies
    Joshua Scott Davies2 månader sedan

    Do a squad builder shown v a viewer or subscriber

  • Jack Williamson
    Jack Williamson2 månader sedan

    Hi Andy do you think you could get bateson back on the channel love your videos man

  • Cheese Eater
    Cheese Eater2 månader sedan

    Famous quotes netball this

  • Damian Inda
    Damian Inda2 månader sedan


  • Damian Inda
    Damian Inda2 månader sedan

    Wyd WydWydWydWyd

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava2 månader sedan

    The coordinated horse intradurally describe because brake scientifically paint athwart a stingy millisecond. jaded, thirsty laundry

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark2 månader sedan

    A supercut of names. Raheriharimabana, LuSeeMeRolling, etc.

  • cappitalW
    cappitalW2 månader sedan

    james is a wanker ay

  • Daragh Stenson
    Daragh Stenson2 månader sedan

    Crapradosy original was class

  • I Like Burritos
    I Like Burritos2 månader sedan

    29:11. Thank me later

  • Enzombie
    Enzombie2 månader sedan

    "Netball this" needs a clip

  • Allahuakbat
    Allahuakbat2 månader sedan

    27:00 Get some pants on Andy

  • masquerade9989
    masquerade99892 månader sedan


  • Leo Matthews
    Leo Matthews2 månader sedan

    Clips: Guessing Promes in a Promes SBSD

  • eldiego68
    eldiego682 månader sedan

    James m8, sansone links to gosens...

  • Filip Gaca
    Filip Gaca2 månader sedan

    Netball this 100%

  • Ben Wix
    Ben Wix2 månader sedan

    Can't believe Andy wasn't wearing trousers

  • Ryan Atherton
    Ryan Atherton2 månader sedan

    AJ3 Clips will have all my views

  • Gian Moya
    Gian Moya2 månader sedan

    when nepo didn’t discard his untraceable players is iconic🤦🏻

  • Ayaan Jain 40
    Ayaan Jain 402 månader sedan

    Do an SBSD with only icons!

  • Miguel
    Miguel2 månader sedan

    you should do harry saying sibide

  • Liam Long
    Liam Long2 månader sedan

    I done my first one earlier today because I had too much fada from player picks and got prime icon moments Figo tbh he’s fada because my Mahrez is my rm and I’ve WAMAN on my bench and neither are getting dropped for figo 😂😂so

  • Leo Berthelius
    Leo Berthelius2 månader sedan


  • Ellis Hammond
    Ellis Hammond2 månader sedan

    All the inbetweeners quotes you make

  • Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson2 månader sedan

    Where's Adyd's legs gone?

  • Owen Murphy
    Owen Murphy2 månader sedan

    not James thinking Sansone was Sanson....

  • Kane Read
    Kane Read2 månader sedan

    All the times someone wrote down the marquee player as a guess 😂

  • Oisin McGill
    Oisin McGill2 månader sedan

    Do the first “get him the hell outta here”

  • Sergio
    Sergio2 månader sedan

    An iconic moment is when nepenthez refused to discard his players

  • United2thecore
    United2thecore2 månader sedan

    I packed prime 96 Zidane from this pack, great icon pack!👍🏼

  • Darren
    Darren2 månader sedan

    When Harry said sibide

  • En1_1
    En1_12 månader sedan

    The first addition of rice/ 11/10 with rice. Ans also raheriharimanana and crapradossi.

  • BaconBro Norway
    BaconBro Norway2 månader sedan

    You should use when U guessed five of atanis players in ur clips channel (sorry dont know how to spell atani)

  • zeminem
    zeminem2 månader sedan

    All the discarded kantes

  • Bobby dixon
    Bobby dixon2 månader sedan

    Could it be worse?

  • Rxzzza
    Rxzzza2 månader sedan

    that match reminded me of the europa league final

  • Alfie Tatner
    Alfie Tatner2 månader sedan

    First ever dirty double

  • Mathew Adams
    Mathew Adams2 månader sedan

    TOTY Kante Discard Clips plz

  • Irish8479
    Irish84792 månader sedan

    Why is james' side in such low quality? Is this just me?

  • Oscar Johansson
    Oscar Johansson2 månader sedan

    when you packed R9

  • Alexander Nadrjan
    Alexander Nadrjan2 månader sedan

    Do one for all the meme players like crapradossi

  • fuuunypie
    fuuunypie2 månader sedan

    Iconic scene, discarding toty kante from LB

  • Laurie King
    Laurie King2 månader sedan

    An iconic moment in the history of SBSD is the 4-4-4(4)

  • Ash
    Ash2 månader sedan

    The random zoom into the hairline at 17:08

  • Kevin Hitchcock
    Kevin Hitchcock2 månader sedan

    You should do a montage of all the biggest cards being discarded

  • Harrison Reid
    Harrison Reid2 månader sedan

    first time someone chose crapradossi

  • Ashley Elsam
    Ashley Elsam2 månader sedan

    What was the name of the player he use to give people think he was from Macedonia Ra hairyairyananan or something like put some funny clips with him on the clip Chanel

  • Nat Reilly
    Nat Reilly2 månader sedan

    Andy those trousers are terrible, sorry

  • Samuel Garvey-Oakes
    Samuel Garvey-Oakes2 månader sedan

    Pls bring back the career mode like so Andy can see

  • vhid.
    vhid.2 månader sedan

    James's laugh is a clip in itself

  • jesse van Brink
    jesse van Brink2 månader sedan

    What's wrong with James his recordings, feels like 360p

  • DanielAdamson 47
    DanielAdamson 472 månader sedan

    Idea for a clip When Andy wrote Dempsey down instead of Dembele 😂

  • Alejandro dfouni
    Alejandro dfouni2 månader sedan

    22:30 your welcome

  • manoj kumaar
    manoj kumaar2 månader sedan

    how did andy team turn into prime timo

  • lani bob
    lani bob2 månader sedan

    The belligerent quarter focally mug because giraffe allegedly queue failing a youthful wash. colossal, hysterical ghost

  • ChubbyWarfaree
    ChubbyWarfaree2 månader sedan

    Talks trash about fellaini, does his sbc at the end 😂

  • plutoxb1j
    plutoxb1j2 månader sedan

    I was screaming at James to take Strakosha

  • Aaraav Ovalekar
    Aaraav Ovalekar2 månader sedan

    Go on Big Tank Man 😂😂

  • PlayWithHeadHunter9
    PlayWithHeadHunter92 månader sedan

    I absolutely loved James laugh thus video, at all the misses and then Xavi

  • Alibanji Ganji
    Alibanji Ganji2 månader sedan

    Netball this

  • Tsimafei Tsykunou
    Tsimafei Tsykunou2 månader sedan

    Clip: when you almost cut off you finger with whiteboard against Itani

  • Ewan Stewart
    Ewan Stewart2 månader sedan

    Dunno why keepers are usually lower rated than attackers. If anything they should be higher rated as they save shots which is a harder job. Keepers aren't stinky

  • KommanderBen
    KommanderBen2 månader sedan


  • Anthony Howes
    Anthony Howes2 månader sedan

    The first ever “netball this”

  • Infino
    Infino2 månader sedan


  • Erik Hansen
    Erik Hansen2 månader sedan

    the netball this shot

  • PC Chuaudinga Dinga
    PC Chuaudinga Dinga2 månader sedan

    When someone has 2 inform Andy:His 47th inform

  • matthew lewis
    matthew lewis2 månader sedan

    Why are andy’s 50k packs better than my 125k packs 😭

  • Erick Conant
    Erick Conant2 månader sedan

    Underrated moment is telling Tom during a TTD that you had Sergio Ramos.

  • Freddie Dillnutt
    Freddie Dillnutt2 månader sedan

    Gonna try this guy Ben chiwell

    SUMAIR KANDHARI2 månader sedan

    pplz do og clips from old fifa so it is like a flashback

  • Matt Rush
    Matt Rush2 månader sedan

    Andy a Maroon t shirt and camo what looked like pj bottom wtf who dressed u danny Aaron’s ?

    VARUN BABBAR2 månader sedan

    best clip would be of sebide by w2s

  • Reg Inald
    Reg Inald2 månader sedan

    James’ laugh tho 😂

  • jf c
    jf c2 månader sedan

    can he stop laughing like that

  • Sakathaven Lechumy
    Sakathaven Lechumy2 månader sedan


  • Ryan McGraw
    Ryan McGraw2 månader sedan

    Andy gets up to walkout What are those???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lewis holl
    Lewis holl2 månader sedan

    Sell paqeta he’s like 15k

  • Alex 24
    Alex 242 månader sedan

    Do a squad builder showdown with tots Lozano

  • Otavio Silva
    Otavio Silva2 månader sedan

    Wow i liked this episode a lot for the most random reasons lol James used Otavio (which is my name) and Andy used Lucas Paqueta (used to play for my favorite soccer team down in Brazil)

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez2 månader sedan

    He’s laugh is so annoying

  • Liam Thurlow
    Liam Thurlow2 månader sedan

    first time craparadosi was given out

  • Benji Ron
    Benji Ron2 månader sedan

    Clips channel : when you and Jack had one pick each and both got aubameyang

  • Joe Bin

    Joe Bin

    2 månader sedan