Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! TOTS HARVEY BARNES!!!



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  • AJ3
    AJ33 månader sedan

    Katie knew what song I meant straight away! Did any of you manage to work it out?

  • mm7 mmt

    mm7 mmt

    27 dagar sedan

    Yes it was easy

  • SGVL


    Månad sedan

    Is it honey man by Yusuf and Elton John

  • ruairimoore99 Moore

    ruairimoore99 Moore

    3 månader sedan

    Fifa 17 journey intro

  • Declan Lambert

    Declan Lambert

    3 månader sedan


  • דין פליק

    דין פליק

    3 månader sedan


  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed3 dagar sedan

    ooooooo Harvey Barnes

  • Dr Long shlong
    Dr Long shlong6 dagar sedan


  • CyriX_
    CyriX_11 dagar sedan

    24:21 😂😂😂😂

  • Mist_jykes
    Mist_jykes23 dagar sedan

    i remember that goal in the derby for BARNESley

  • fortnite pro
    fortnite pro2 månader sedan

    I want to see team of the season Connor goldson

  • Ollie
    Ollie2 månader sedan

    OneFootball is better.

  • Isaac Raine
    Isaac Raine2 månader sedan

    Yes Andy I actually have

  • BigBoiJake
    BigBoiJake2 månader sedan

    Do a tots soucek one. And an inform lingard one⚒⚒❤️

  • Qasder Lol
    Qasder Lol2 månader sedan

    Can you afford one of the best tots like Bruno or Kevin or salahh

  • JoshDoesAnything
    JoshDoesAnything3 månader sedan

    Powell you can get doing Rivals too

  • Jws the wrestler
    Jws the wrestler3 månader sedan

    If andy hasn't seen the tots moments digggggggnnnnnnnneee in sbc im gonna cry

  • 666REDEVILS666
    666REDEVILS6663 månader sedan

    It sounds like gimme from gta5

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell3 månader sedan


  • David Sillett
    David Sillett3 månader sedan

    You shouldn't of got that as you didn't state which Davies you was on about could of been Ben Davies?

  • E1S3
    E1S33 månader sedan

    I love how the video is long

  • Pixelgamer _69
    Pixelgamer _693 månader sedan

    But are you allowed to use a right midfield at right forward? Its like using a cdm at cam

  • Georgenottaken
    Georgenottaken3 månader sedan

    Can you pls show us your actual fut

  • Chloe Ashton
    Chloe Ashton3 månader sedan


  • Sakathaven Lechumy
    Sakathaven Lechumy3 månader sedan

    Honey pie is the song name

  • Declan Lambert
    Declan Lambert3 månader sedan

    Song is called Honeypie

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas3 månader sedan

    What's cr7 Ronaldo 92 card like

  • SoupFN
    SoupFN3 månader sedan

    The song is called HONEYPIE

  • דין פליק
    דין פליק3 månader sedan

    The name of the song is honeypie

  • irshad muhammad
    irshad muhammad3 månader sedan

    Shaw should get a tots

  • Vikinger
    Vikinger3 månader sedan

    Little did he know that the same day, a Flashback SBC Digne was released hahah

  • Bailey Sutherland

    Bailey Sutherland

    2 månader sedan

    @Rowan Smith that’s just a flashback to a game this season tho so technically

  • Master0


    3 månader sedan

    @Rowan Smith same thing pretty much

  • Rowan Smith

    Rowan Smith

    3 månader sedan

    Not flashback it’s tots moments

  • beji97


    3 månader sedan

    Not flashback

  • Ryan Coombs
    Ryan Coombs3 månader sedan

    Waffle ends at 2:15

  • Goat Jus
    Goat Jus3 månader sedan

    Packed him in my reds!!🙏🏽God is Good lol

  • Andrea Webster
    Andrea Webster3 månader sedan

    Its ‘tav’ ‘errr’ ‘near’ not ‘tav’ ‘en’ ‘ee’ ‘ay’

  • Monster Gaming
    Monster Gaming3 månader sedan

    I'm here after the digne sbc came out

  • Marty 59
    Marty 593 månader sedan

    I'll be so disappointed if Andy doesn't use future stars Newhouse (correct spelling btw)

  • JJ Byrne
    JJ Byrne3 månader sedan

    You should do an sbc on Patrick Bamford because he's gonna be a cheap beast

  • DuskStep Dubstep
    DuskStep Dubstep3 månader sedan

    Raise your glass by pink

  • Logan Massey
    Logan Massey3 månader sedan

    Tots bamford with mini minter

  • APlayToRemember
    APlayToRemember3 månader sedan

    I watch these all the time and I just now noticed the description still says fifa 20 lmfao

  • George Hackett
    George Hackett3 månader sedan

    The songs called honey pie

  • Almeida João
    Almeida João3 månader sedan

    Do Tagliafico squad builder showdownnn🔥

  • Jalen Forty
    Jalen Forty3 månader sedan

    “Where’s Dignes TOTS?” 1 day later: ...

  • Stef Valk
    Stef Valk3 månader sedan

    'Where's Dignes TOTS?' Well...

  • Gloom _ Declan
    Gloom _ Declan3 månader sedan

    Andy pack R9 look at his insta

  • Max Allen
    Max Allen3 månader sedan

    the song is Honeypie 😂😂😂 that impression was great

  • Robin Marcus Luik
    Robin Marcus Luik3 månader sedan

    POV: you are here after digne got a tots moments.

  • Call me Wolf
    Call me Wolf3 månader sedan

    Digne got a totsm the day this was posted

  • Shyam Mehta
    Shyam Mehta3 månader sedan

    It crazy how James has gone from being a doctor to a full time game player. Sad and pathetic that people call these type of people real men. Hahahahha

  • Mateusz Blachnierek
    Mateusz Blachnierek3 månader sedan

    It gives me anxiety where James keeps his ps5

  • Julius E
    Julius E3 månader sedan

    Why are rm’s allowed to play rf? It’s same as dm’s playing as cam

  • Ilari Alhola
    Ilari Alhola3 månader sedan

    Can you do Squad builder showdown with 89 Pukki 🐐🐐🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • Brian Gontar
    Brian Gontar3 månader sedan

    james hair tho

  • ZKG15
    ZKG153 månader sedan

    “Where is Digne’s ToTS” well this aged well... not quite a ToTS but got the ToTS Moments

  • George Dobson
    George Dobson3 månader sedan

    Can Andy use Greenwood? Card was a RM. position change used would be 2. RM-RW... RW-RF

  • Born2Football
    Born2Football3 månader sedan

    Why the first one has to be with this guy 👎🏻

    CALL OF DUTY MOBILE GAMING3 månader sedan

    congrats, to everyone who is early and who found this comment. 👍👍❤️❤️

  • KommanderBen
    KommanderBen3 månader sedan

    I swear if you don’t do an SBSD with Nep on TOTS moments Digne, I will cry...

  • Alan V
    Alan V3 månader sedan

    Digne got that sbc!

  • Reece Eason
    Reece Eason3 månader sedan

    Shouting out Radio presenters like it’s not just us 13 year olds watching

  • Francesca Miller-Heller
    Francesca Miller-Heller3 månader sedan

    u need to do another one of these with harry (w2s) like if u agree

  • Magnum on Combat pro
    Magnum on Combat pro3 månader sedan

    where’s digne tots ea:

  • Xavier STUCKINGS
    Xavier STUCKINGS3 månader sedan

    Do it on bruno plssss andy

  • James Da’man
    James Da’man3 månader sedan

    Honeyman - Cat stevens and Elton John

  • rewwy
    rewwy3 månader sedan

    do one on tots sarr?! 99 pace sheesh

  • Will Wigglesworth sim racing
    Will Wigglesworth sim racing3 månader sedan


  • Jamie Norris
    Jamie Norris3 månader sedan

    Andy used Greenwood rm at rf😬

  • Zachary Mahon

    Zachary Mahon

    3 månader sedan

    they say all the time where wide players can be used anywhere on that side other than that everything is only one position change though

  • Ycauston
    Ycauston3 månader sedan

    david alaba

  • Tomislav Nikolić
    Tomislav Nikolić3 månader sedan

    James could have went varane ramos courtois

  • MAX91
    MAX913 månader sedan

    i think this is the 1st time in soo much time (if not the 1st time) that a SBSD ends on a 0-0 draw right?

  • John Lux
    John Lux3 månader sedan

    why is this the only guest now?

  • How Great Was
    How Great Was3 månader sedan

    AJ the song is called Honeypie by JAWNY

  • J J
    J J3 månader sedan

    Is Andy allowed to have Greenwood? RM at RF??🤨

  • Jack Davies
    Jack Davies3 månader sedan

    Oooohhh Harvey Barnes impression is spot on haha 😂😂

  • Lucas Edwards
    Lucas Edwards3 månader sedan

    We found your digne sbc

  • Birdiex94x
    Birdiex94x3 månader sedan

    Harvey the GOAT

  • x3 Aquaruim
    x3 Aquaruim3 månader sedan

    AJ3 The genius predicted tots sbc digne

  • andrew macmillan
    andrew macmillan3 månader sedan

    James needs to learn to upload his sooner

  • olle wallen
    olle wallen3 månader sedan

    Pls do one on tots ismalia sarr

  • Ben Oliver
    Ben Oliver3 månader sedan

    Do Conor goldson

  • JS 9
    JS 93 månader sedan

    Andy saying he needs to open a lot of packs before packing moments r9

  • Dinnyspuds
    Dinnyspuds3 månader sedan

    21:08 tries to sing all rise instead sings one love 😂😂😂😂

    XX HIHI XX3 månader sedan

    James looks like maeda now

  • LUFC Rapha
    LUFC Rapha3 månader sedan

    Andy packed r9 🥲

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith3 månader sedan

    Very glad James got a trim

  • Grant Holt
    Grant Holt3 månader sedan

    Whistling here whistling there whistling almost everywhere!!!!! That’s the song Andy I think you’re on about. Think i deserve a shout out in next sbsd!

  • Mystery_12
    Mystery_123 månader sedan

    POV where’s Dignes card or sbc next day he gets one

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith3 månader sedan

    I'd love a sbsd on tots toney

  • Adil Rahman
    Adil Rahman3 månader sedan

    POV: You're here after andyhas packed moments R9

  • ben harris
    ben harris3 månader sedan


  • aj styles
    aj styles3 månader sedan


  • Charlie Twell
    Charlie Twell3 månader sedan

    U should a sbsd on aaron Wan bissaka

  • CrabbyFc and GO GX CLAN
    CrabbyFc and GO GX CLAN3 månader sedan


  • Alex Laidlaw
    Alex Laidlaw3 månader sedan


  • 4leaguefootball
    4leaguefootball3 månader sedan

    Edouad tots

  • Lisiczny
    Lisiczny3 månader sedan

    Just make a SBS on DIDIDIDIDIDIDIGNE against Nep, U have to! :D

  • NotYourAveragePortuguese
    NotYourAveragePortuguese3 månader sedan

    "Wheres digne" uploaded this a day earlier than the digne sbc

  • Neil Jackson
    Neil Jackson3 månader sedan

    Tots nkunku

  • Sean McNally
    Sean McNally3 månader sedan

    do 1 with w2s

  • The Gaming Crew
    The Gaming Crew3 månader sedan

    AJ3 good luck with the new house

  • EMballs
    EMballs3 månader sedan

    Who’s here after digne has got a TOTS 😂

  • Strafed
    Strafed3 månader sedan

    And now Harvey Barnes... OoOoooOOOo

  • Aakrist Godar
    Aakrist Godar3 månader sedan

    Waiting for the digne one now

  • Lewis Marshall
    Lewis Marshall3 månader sedan

    whos here when digne got a tots

  • Mason Harling
    Mason Harling3 månader sedan

    Pov: your here after digne gets the tots moments sbc