Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! PATH TO GLORY PHIL FODEN!!!

IT'S COMING HOME!!! Squad Builder Showdown on the Festival of Futball Euro 2020 Path To Glory Phil Foden


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  • KyronOn60fps
    KyronOn60fps2 dagar sedan

    Big L

  • J0seph102
    J0seph1024 dagar sedan

    There we go b…

  • Charlie Melton
    Charlie Melton9 dagar sedan

    It’s coming Rome.

  • Prodator
    Prodator10 dagar sedan

    Yeah actually it comes in Rome

  • Ryan HD17
    Ryan HD1711 dagar sedan

    Ceo of 'true'

  • Cynic Woody
    Cynic Woody14 dagar sedan

    It’s coming to Rome

  • TheDudeMan_Hawk
    TheDudeMan_Hawk17 dagar sedan

    Andy "Football's officially coming Home" When England Won 1st Game Andy Pumped Up When ENgland GOt to FInal Lost To Italy Andy Be Like 🤐😭😭😭😭🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  • Jonas Moustgaard
    Jonas Moustgaard18 dagar sedan

    It came rome🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • zorz dubi
    zorz dubi19 dagar sedan

    It's coming home?

  • denis Thp
    denis Thp19 dagar sedan

    it didnt come home

  • Navom Gupta
    Navom Gupta20 dagar sedan

    It didn't come home, it went to Rome

  • Car Los
    Car Los20 dagar sedan

    'England invented football'. Really? someone needs a history lesson :-|

  • Mrky1x
    Mrky1x21 dag sedan

    Should've been JLingz smh

  • Niles Toussaint
    Niles Toussaint22 dagar sedan

    24:34 Behzinga laugh 🤣🤣

  • CaydenB07x
    CaydenB07x25 dagar sedan

    you can tell they where sorry about talking bad bout scotland coz 0-0

  • Lemondog
    Lemondog25 dagar sedan

    We were the better team against England and Scotland invented football u idiot ( but love ur vids bro )

  • Toby McAllister
    Toby McAllister27 dagar sedan

    I live in Scotland but it’s coming home

  • Kian Gibson
    Kian Gibson27 dagar sedan

    Looking back on when we first met I can not escape and I can not forget Southgate your the one You still turn me on Footballs coming home again

  • Charlie Lunan
    Charlie Lunan29 dagar sedan

    Do a sbsd with la5ty

  • Adam Mitchell
    Adam MitchellMånad sedan

    You should do one with many it would a good vid

  • Jazo SportsRatings
    Jazo SportsRatingsMånad sedan

    i got FOF foden!!!!!

  • Clay Cass
    Clay CassMånad sedan

    He’s not folded anymore he’s fodder

  • Editz Lol
    Editz LolMånad sedan

    2-0 england

  • Anubhav Ghosh
    Anubhav GhoshMånad sedan


  • Cole Mitchell
    Cole MitchellMånad sedan

    At 21:30 boy on the right is moving around team with hands of controller😂

  • Jamie Potter
    Jamie PotterMånad sedan

    England didnt invent football football historically originated in Scotland

  • Legend Rayquaza

    Legend Rayquaza

    29 dagar sedan

    It’s officially China

  • Liam Lagan
    Liam LaganMånad sedan

    Come on Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • svanik batra
    svanik batraMånad sedan

    No one: This random guy: guerireario

  • Sean Maher
    Sean MaherMånad sedan

    Oi does anyone know how to do the celebration Andy did on his first goal with foden or what it’s called at 28:40 ?

  • Kyle Unger
    Kyle UngerMånad sedan

    Anyone else noticed Kirbz’s screen moving at 21:24 but both of him hands are in the air lmao

  • Daniel Joyce
    Daniel JoyceMånad sedan

    Playing with an any isnt right at all that’s literally just one guy playing fifa most of the time the fun thing about clubs is the stupid shit the AI does

  • fortnite pro
    fortnite proMånad sedan

    Shut up we drew with yous we should of won that

  • Danny Bennett
    Danny BennettMånad sedan

    I think you should do an episode where at the end you mix up your opponents team for the discard and they got to try not discard the big players 🤷‍♂️

  • Levi Norkie
    Levi NorkieMånad sedan

    Andy should do a sbsd with w2s

  • Manchester is red

    Manchester is red

    Månad sedan

    He did

  • Logan20 ELG
    Logan20 ELGMånad sedan

    Man predicted the 5-0 game of Spain vs Czech

  • DJ5
    DJ5Månad sedan

    The other guy sounds like a cartoon

  • Nathan Pitts
    Nathan PittsMånad sedan

    It’s coming home

  • Joshua Daniels
    Joshua DanielsMånad sedan

    His pronunciation of guerreiro is class

  • Danyaal Brown
    Danyaal BrownMånad sedan

    Does this kirbz dude really think his a top 200 player 😂😭😂

  • Etheringting
    EtheringtingMånad sedan

    You should do a rat version where you can play people on 7 chem

  • RYZE_prof 2008ツ
    RYZE_prof 2008ツMånad sedan

    its not coming home ohoohohohohohohohoh

  • robbie amos
    robbie amosMånad sedan

    0-0 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Rio
    RioMånad sedan

    it's not coming home lol france/germany/Portugal going to kick lumps out of you

  • Callum Soldan
    Callum SoldanMånad sedan

    Kirbz Scottish’ accent was superb, as someone who’s lived there for 13 years

  • Bobby Buis
    Bobby BuisMånad sedan

    Yesssssssss 0-0 hahahahaah

  • Johnathan
    JohnathanMånad sedan

    You do the best sbsd with the worst and most boring people

  • vivid alpin ace
    vivid alpin aceMånad sedan


  • vivid alpin ace
    vivid alpin aceMånad sedan


  • Goop Soop
    Goop SoopMånad sedan

    How did Scotland vs England go for you 😅🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Ralfs Zaltans
    Ralfs ZaltansMånad sedan

    Who else watching this while doing icon swaps

  • Jonesy❁
    Jonesy❁Månad sedan

    Kirbz forgot to mention Andy is his MATE🤣

  • Preston Wismer
    Preston WismerMånad sedan

    You don’t even know how happy I am after Kai Wagner made it into the team. As a Philadelphia Union fan this made my day

  • Curtis Sharpe
    Curtis SharpeMånad sedan

    Imagine you packed regular gold Foden from that pack at the end 😭

  • ApexBrownie
    ApexBrownieMånad sedan

    Played bad???

  • Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie SmithMånad sedan

    Billy Gilmour walked it

  • Kurgen Jlopp
    Kurgen JloppMånad sedan

    Where's itani do a video with him with pogba on the line

  • Ben Brocklehurst
    Ben BrocklehurstMånad sedan

    Pandev retiring from international after euros . Squad builder showdown on hero card for pandev!!

  • Danngu
    DannguMånad sedan

    Please get miniminter or w2s on a squad builder showdown🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Danngu


    Månad sedan

    @Manchester is red ive seen the videoes, i just want new ones

  • Manchester is red

    Manchester is red

    Månad sedan

    He’s gotten w2s

  • Ross P
    Ross PMånad sedan

    5-0 England 🤣 so delusional

  • Ross P
    Ross PMånad sedan

    Couldn’t even beat Scotland 🤣🤣 England r rubbish 🤣🤣

  • Rhys Odriscoll
    Rhys OdriscollMånad sedan


  • Cozzie90
    Cozzie90Månad sedan

    What a guy kirbz is….legend

  • Eldwin Dario Kosasi
    Eldwin Dario KosasiMånad sedan

    pirlo never win the euros, but he had won the world cup

  • Matthew Coco
    Matthew CocoMånad sedan

    More fun with no ANY, me and 3 friends are in Div 1 with no any

  • Tommy McVeigh
    Tommy McVeighMånad sedan

    Kirbs grin makes me want to slap him aggressively

    MYSTICYTMånad sedan

    0-0 but good game England

  • Tsag
    TsagMånad sedan

    ginter was on eight chem

  • Joe Champion
    Joe ChampionMånad sedan

    Any just shouldn’t be a thing in clubs, it takes the point out of you each control a player

  • Joey Clough
    Joey CloughMånad sedan

    1st of all I can’t believe you play an any on clubs, 2nd if you are gonna play any you can’t take one of the best positions

  • Keez Ewen
    Keez EwenMånad sedan

    Thankfully Harry Kane has been garbage so far. So amazing to see 😂

  • Alex Hoyos
    Alex HoyosMånad sedan

    who is hereafter England v Scotland draw

  • Oliver Olsen
    Oliver OlsenMånad sedan


  • competitive adam
    competitive adamMånad sedan

    Does Andy not realize that his picks are super obvious, especially if the person guessing has a brain, so stupid

  • cg13123
    cg13123Månad sedan

    Can someone explain to me what they’re talking about during 4:25 , what’s an “Enie”?

  • Wafiy Karim
    Wafiy KarimMånad sedan

    dont play as any

  • Noël RL clips
    Noël RL clipsMånad sedan

    The any thing shouldnt be a discussion imo, no one should play against an ai defence cuz then you basically cant get past the defenders in a fun way or not get past them at all

  • Sam Zini
    Sam ZiniMånad sedan

    "We've won our first game at the Euros, and it was quite comfortable. And now this..." Crazy how accurate this is right now.

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush SinghMånad sedan

    Hate playing against the AI, I’m here to play some pro clubs not fkn squad battles mate

  • françois de Clauzade
    françois de ClauzadeMånad sedan

    2:01 ahahahah

  • BestGoalkeeper 1
    BestGoalkeeper 1Månad sedan

    Kribs sucks

  • Thomas Schrama
    Thomas SchramaMånad sedan

    Loving these discards 😂❤

  • Callum CjHAM44
    Callum CjHAM44Månad sedan

    25:54 - respect the evil laugh Andy.

  • Dan G
    Dan GMånad sedan

    I'm getting de ja vu vibes, kirbz did this up to the fullbacks

  • Dan G
    Dan GMånad sedan

    Had fotmob for abt 2 years or however andy has partnered it is very sick

  • Julian d'Ambra
    Julian d'AmbraMånad sedan

    mate mate mate mate

  • Steve Maxo
    Steve MaxoMånad sedan

    Got to laugh at the coming home chat.

  • htk 99
    htk 99Månad sedan

    Aw a do love how cocky England are 😂 if u canny beat Scotland ur shite 😭😭

  • Jm Kiwi
    Jm KiwiMånad sedan

    Please dont ever invite this guy he is really annoying

  • Edgar Jr Escoto
    Edgar Jr EscotoMånad sedan

    12:54. Wtf was that weird ass laugh

  • Dion Barry
    Dion BarryMånad sedan

    drink every time kirbz says mate

  • Руся Русланов
    Руся РуслановMånad sedan

    If England win the Euros with that dead playstyle....

  • Julian _
    Julian _Månad sedan

    Bro just stop always smiling in the camera. Fk annoying

  • Rayen veerman
    Rayen veermanMånad sedan

    Turning off any matching doesn’t work a single bit tho

  • Gazstation
    GazstationMånad sedan


  • Peter Holmes
    Peter HolmesMånad sedan


  • Damn Ville
    Damn VilleMånad sedan

    Always wondered, why dont other regular guests do SBSs with each other ? Is it exclusively owned by Andy or something? I think a Euro-like SBS tournament with all the regulars and potentially new guests all having a go would be brilliant

  • Zxsurfers NHD7
    Zxsurfers NHD7Månad sedan

    He Is Very sure about England win. What About Others?

  • DarkMatterGaming 4564
    DarkMatterGaming 4564Månad sedan

    What was that about 5 nil

  • Shameer Niko
    Shameer NikoMånad sedan

    Tbh Andy actually didn’t play that bad with that team!

  • Rory Gillespie
    Rory GillespieMånad sedan

    England didn’t create football lad Scotland did