Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! FLASHBACK CARLOS TEVEZ!!!

FG's first Squad Builder Showdown is on Man City hero Flashback Carlos Tevez with his bulldog like approach...


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  • Sam Milne
    Sam Milne6 dagar sedan

    Is it time to tell you Lucas Digne has a liverpool tattoo?

  • User
    User18 dagar sedan

    does it get to a point when you are milking an idea... just a question

  • FlashyAgentFishy Gaming
    FlashyAgentFishy Gaming25 dagar sedan

    Put the sidbe meme from Big Harold/W2S

  • NullTheBest
    NullTheBest29 dagar sedan

    33:37 i heard gay time lol

  • Y8hugo
    Y8hugoMånad sedan

    Kanye West on sbs ok

  • bigSpacion
    bigSpacionMånad sedan

    never knew robertson was french

  • Acheampong
    AcheampongMånad sedan

    FG is so wholesome please bring him back on

  • Fabian Soto Muniz
    Fabian Soto MunizMånad sedan

    Playing with Nav

  • Football 4 Life
    Football 4 LifeMånad sedan

    It was obvious that he was gonna use, Fofana. He needed someone french for the link to the left-back and CM. I was literally screaming for him to pick Fofana but sadly he didn't

  • AERO_Toby
    AERO_TobyMånad sedan

    I got prime r9 out of the pp and i hated him so i put him into lingard

  • Mr bush camp
    Mr bush campMånad sedan

    Wasn't tevez man utd

  • Kosmos HD
    Kosmos HDMånad sedan

    I think aj3 should do vids with ChrisMD

  • Riddhi Kapadia
    Riddhi KapadiaMånad sedan

    get sbsd with someone where u use r9 at cam

  • Nsndjs Snndhs
    Nsndjs SnndhsMånad sedan

    I love this fut fg energy way better then the normal guests andy has on

    ANGAD TATHGIRMånad sedan

    get harry on the next squad builder showdown

  • bdm6985
    bdm6985Månad sedan

    I hope FG becomes a new regular! He was fantastic. So much fun!

  • Real Madrid Fan
    Real Madrid FanMånad sedan

    In build squad showdown can you do it with Itani or w2s

  • Mark Zyskowski
    Mark ZyskowskiMånad sedan


  • Harry Robinson
    Harry RobinsonMånad sedan

    Get manny in when you can

  • Laurent Cooper
    Laurent CooperMånad sedan

    i wish Andy could see this, but if he does here's a friendly reminder that barely anyone knows who Lucas Hernendez is if they don't play Fifa, and he's miles ahead of Digne lmao

  • Asda Official
    Asda OfficialMånad sedan

    digne > theo hernandez aged well

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas JacksonMånad sedan

    It looks like you couldn't Fazarkley pinpoint your location Andy 😅

  • Ethan Earnhardt
    Ethan EarnhardtMånad sedan

    Always looking for Itani tho

  • XD sway 94
    XD sway 94Månad sedan

    Where’s your jlingz Andy

  • The Serene Doge
    The Serene DogeMånad sedan

    FG is 100% cheating 😂 he didn't get one card taken from his team in both SBSD episodes. He is watching what andy has on the board on his stream. Pay attention he mentions a player that Andy has written down almost every time and then he says I'm not picking that. He does it so much it actually became obvious 😂😂. Andy will write down kimmich and FG will say I have kimmich and I want to use him but I won't. Does it so much, literally almost every pick I'm surprised how no one else noticed. The CB picks are a perfect example of it, he says both of andys picks and then says I'm not picking either of them. No way he just names most of andys picks all the time and doesn't get picked once in two whole episodes.

  • Dylan Hickman
    Dylan HickmanMånad sedan

    As soon as he said “sometimes you need to do a Fernandinho and late foul the play” as a Leeds fan I got annoyed 😂

  • Pogba Fernandes Santos
    Pogba Fernandes SantosMånad sedan

    Andy why do u post like twice a week so inconsistent

  • xi Gwenzo
    xi GwenzoMånad sedan

    People we need to see on SBSD- Castro, everyone from sidemen, Tekks, Me 👀😂

  • Anish Bhojwani
    Anish BhojwaniMånad sedan


  • B A
    B AMånad sedan

    Whenever you tie, you should each have the amount of discards as goals for each person. For example, if you tied 2-2 then you’d each have two discard.

  • Shada Beatz
    Shada BeatzMånad sedan

    Faraz should be welcomed anytime the itani v2 with the goalkeeping cheats 🤣🤣

  • Mihai Rosca
    Mihai RoscaMånad sedan

    Itani could never.. 😂

  • SuPer_ShNB
    SuPer_ShNBMånad sedan

    Happy to see andy doing sbsd with famous people like NAV

  • MinniiiPo35_SA
    MinniiiPo35_SAMånad sedan

    Andy mate... r9 ain’t bad your just god awful 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Curtis Y
    Curtis YMånad sedan

    That’s NAV

  • Danny Smith
    Danny SmithMånad sedan

    I just packed prime makelele while watching this 😱😱 FG might be my lucky charm 🤣

  • sinak 03
    sinak 03Månad sedan

    40:27 what do u mean pen reff loock at where he is lol

  • StrikaGaming
    StrikaGamingMånad sedan

    Itani should take notes on building hybrids with this guy

  • Cam
    CamMånad sedan

    Why is the RW spot sparkling at the first picks?

  • True Gibbsy
    True GibbsyMånad sedan

    Luke Shaw is the best LB in the world

  • Krys
    KrysMånad sedan

    New guest was great, feels like a established SBSD guest already !

  • Yori Haqimi
    Yori HaqimiMånad sedan

    Love this Guy

  • Savage Gamer202
    Savage Gamer202Månad sedan

    andy do one on eriksen given the denmark game for a tribute

  • Popocomingfornu
    PopocomingfornuMånad sedan

    Built a hybrid already better than most ppl great Debut 🙌🏼

  • Sam Bomba
    Sam BombaMånad sedan

    Liver poolside

  • Th3HalfP1ntAidan
    Th3HalfP1ntAidanMånad sedan

    Squad builder showdown with British Nav

  • Isaac Keohane
    Isaac KeohaneMånad sedan

    Love Tevez COYI

    HIPPIESLDNMånad sedan

    Andy we need King Amenyah as a guest ?!!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus ChristMånad sedan

    I had not heard of FG until this video, but I’m already a fan! Charisma and charm and class even when Andy is going after City. His retort about Everton icons was brilliant and caught Andy so off guard lol

  • Bob Bilder

    Bob Bilder

    Månad sedan

    exactly what i was thinking

  • David Gray
    David GrayMånad sedan


  • David Patten
    David PattenMånad sedan

    Please have FUT FG on more. He’s the king

  • Djordymans
    DjordymansMånad sedan

    R9 is hard to get used to. And people simply just try harder when they see him. ( some won’t but those are the ones that leave after 1 goal )

  • PWSTommy
    PWSTommyMånad sedan

    city in the mud in the mud ciity in the mud

  • shane the locane
    shane the locaneMånad sedan

    People say Farah was the best or Danny Aaron's all the way brooksy hd

  • shane the locane

    shane the locane

    Månad sedan


  • Gagan Uppal
    Gagan UppalMånad sedan

    You should do a SBSD with miniminter or tbjzl

  • Cringymeme Kid
    Cringymeme KidMånad sedan

    All the icons “for Man City” that he listed played only played one year with city

  • ok


    Månad sedan

    It was a joke mate chill

  • swirlzy_
    swirlzy_Månad sedan

    Do a sbsd with w2s on sibede

  • Tom Wilson
    Tom WilsonMånad sedan

    Where's lasty sbsd andy!!??

  • Chris Cooper
    Chris CooperMånad sedan

    French NavTana

  • Javy B
    Javy BMånad sedan

    i didn’t know NAV was a fifa youtuber

  • Aishatu Onuigbo
    Aishatu OnuigboMånad sedan

    Andy and Tom are so jealous of Danny Aaron’s recent success

  • cian egan
    cian eganMånad sedan

    This guy is one of the best people to get on

  • Rizki Abyaz
    Rizki AbyazMånad sedan

    you got an untradeable moments r9 andy ffs

  • Mike
    MikeMånad sedan

    Only a gold 3 player says that R9 moments isn't better than TOTS Lozano, ooooh my god hahahah.

  • Bobi
    BobiMånad sedan

    Give us Zwe🙌🙌

  • Neon
    NeonMånad sedan

    get this guy on more he’s actually funny

  • Renan Alves
    Renan AlvesMånad sedan

    They just said R9 isn’t good 😐

  • Bobi
    BobiMånad sedan

    31:25 This bit got me rolling😂😂😂

  • Easy E
    Easy EMånad sedan

    So you think we wouldn’t notice you done a squad builder showdown on Tevez and have Tevez as the guest as well ?

  • Karl-Emil Figge Jensen
    Karl-Emil Figge JensenMånad sedan

    Within a mile of goodison you will find the stadium where the Best lb in the world plays.

  • Wilko Is Mee
    Wilko Is MeeMånad sedan

    42:00 if you want to skip gameplay

  • connor mcsheffrey
    connor mcsheffreyMånad sedan

    Biggest lie of 2021, being exempt from wearing a mask

  • Jacob Bain
    Jacob BainMånad sedan

    Next squad builder showdown should be the new eriksen objective card

  • MrBoss
    MrBossMånad sedan

    this guy is just fat vikstar

  • syed zaidi
    syed zaidiMånad sedan

    i’m a liverpool fan so i feel like the referee when these two start roasting each other’s clubs

  • Callum Rogers
    Callum RogersMånad sedan

    Theo Hernandez isn’t even in the squad for france

  • Sankeerthvardhan Midde
    Sankeerthvardhan MiddeMånad sedan

    I want to see kai havertz festival of futball card squad builder showdown

  • Ryan Coombs
    Ryan CoombsMånad sedan

    This fut fg guy was 1 step ahead of Andy at all times

  • Pim Prakke
    Pim PrakkeMånad sedan

    Nothing better then watching SBSD on your sunday afternoon :)

  • Kirk Van Opel
    Kirk Van OpelMånad sedan

    When u pick fofana its bate aswell. You have 2 🇫🇷 players on ledt side. Like wtf bro

  • competitive adam
    competitive adamMånad sedan

    U should just use r9 more considering u don't like him and u never play competitively

  • Finlay
    FinlayMånad sedan

    do you think that FG knows andy watches his stream 🤨

  • Joshua Kelly
    Joshua KellyMånad sedan

    Is it just me that thinks Andy looks like mid 30’s if not older at times, but then he can look like 25😂

  • Fitz Andreae
    Fitz AndreaeMånad sedan

    @AJ3 pls put this on the clips channel @31:25

  • Benedek Matolcsi
    Benedek MatolcsiMånad sedan

    I used christian vieri in div 3-4 for 160 games, scored 200plus goals and was insane

  • Jack Noonan
    Jack NoonanMånad sedan

    Man utd legend uh uh uh

  • lauti 123
    lauti 123Månad sedan

    31:27 literally the best clip of all time

  • Zachary Grimes
    Zachary GrimesMånad sedan

    Andy can u do a squad builder show down on 89 Luke shaw

  • Kay Sport star
    Kay Sport starMånad sedan

    Hasbulla emote

  • Oziz123
    Oziz123Månad sedan

    31:27 omg lol I'm laughing so hard this deserves a clip in the clips channel

  • Irfan Syahmi
    Irfan SyahmiMånad sedan

    1000x better guest than Jack54HD.

  • isak malmfors
    isak malmforsMånad sedan

    Andy says tots R9😹

  • Radek Růžička
    Radek RůžičkaMånad sedan

    31:25 love that moment🤣🤣🤣

  • zSamuellz
    zSamuellzMånad sedan

    When FG said all 3 defender guesses in a row hahaha. Beginners luck or elite mind games? lmao

  • Simon Owens Fishing
    Simon Owens FishingMånad sedan

    I’m glad Faraz finally made it on the series. He’s deserved it for a while and I’m glad he got his chance.

  • Anthony Luevano
    Anthony LuevanoMånad sedan

    Aj3 you should put the clip we’re Harry said the 3 players he wrote and he taught he guessed ur player

  • Jack Hicks
    Jack HicksMånad sedan

    Bruh, best lb in the world is Andy Robertson. Dignes in the top 5 though

  • chris h
    chris hMånad sedan

    This guy was super smart he knew who you picked on the majority of his team and avoided them. Hope you do more with him actually really enjoyed this one.

  • crashbandikewt
    crashbandikewtMånad sedan

    FUT FG is makin me smile when he smiles, absolute legend he is

  • Romeo Ser
    Romeo SerMånad sedan

    FG is literally nav's older brother. A