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  • A S
    A SMånad sedan

    “Ahh this pack is baddd” Me replying, “ahh you’re hair is baddd”

  • Shreyas Cheguri
    Shreyas Cheguri3 månader sedan

    Hey what about a match attax pack and play

  • Mixer ClXPP3D
    Mixer ClXPP3D3 månader sedan

    How does James get away with his hair

  • George Thompson
    George Thompson3 månader sedan

    Lemarrrrr showwdownnnnnn

  • Fill@PieNo!
    Fill@PieNo!3 månader sedan


  • Owen Hand
    Owen Hand3 månader sedan

    Dembele moments cards it’s storyline

  • Unstable Assault
    Unstable Assault3 månader sedan

    You should do a atal show down

  • Gordon Bell
    Gordon Bell3 månader sedan

    Now that player picks are available can you do the next pack and play on the marquee player plus whatever team you can make from only 10 player pick packs?

  • Epic_kevin_YT
    Epic_kevin_YT3 månader sedan

    I got dumfries record breaker 😔

  • bryan
    bryan3 månader sedan

    andy: *always uses red kadebarek in sbsd* also andy: “does kadebarek have an upgrade?!”

  • Drums Exotic
    Drums Exotic3 månader sedan

    As a welshman its offensive how accurate Andys impression is 🤣

  • Buddy ball
    Buddy ball3 månader sedan

    You need to upload the career mode again on the second chanel

  • Manu
    Manu3 månader sedan

    7:35 is what you’re here for

  • ItsJames
    ItsJames3 månader sedan

    netball this

  • J S

    J S

    3 månader sedan


  • CluchFIFA
    CluchFIFA3 månader sedan

    SBSD with Manny

  • Andreas Petrak
    Andreas Petrak3 månader sedan

    We don't want the Chinese guy

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill3 månader sedan

    Bring back the career PLEASE ANDY it was QUALITY content I watched them all twice just please bring it back 😭🙏🥺

  • Blake
    Blake3 månader sedan

    What a great SEblackr

  • Reezy K
    Reezy K3 månader sedan

    So no ones gonna talk about James’ trim? 😂

  • Himmat Panaich
    Himmat Panaich3 månader sedan

    I don’t know why Andy did not put in hintergers special card or even the normal card which he had was better than the other sender back besides boateng

  • Shada Beatz
    Shada Beatz3 månader sedan

    James' hair is a absolute mess😂😂😂

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K3 månader sedan

    Can't believe James threw his medicine career away for this damn

  • J Holty
    J Holty3 månader sedan

    That hair on James is fucked🤣

  • Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper3 månader sedan

    Rip second channel

  • joefwms
    joefwms3 månader sedan

    james’ trim can’t run

  • Vito Doktore
    Vito Doktore3 månader sedan

    Andy could just take Luis Alberto from 125k pack to give delafeu full chem and skriniar some more chem

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed3 månader sedan

    James’ hair is genuinely not a good look

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed3 månader sedan

    When is james going fix his hair

  • Julie Thomas
    Julie Thomas3 månader sedan

    I got amarvi out of the party bag

  • JxeGr
    JxeGr3 månader sedan

    Andy i’ll be honest that Douglas Costa is amazing for me

  • Ionut
    Ionut3 månader sedan

    you talk too much bro

  • Vaidik Trivedi
    Vaidik Trivedi3 månader sedan

    If James was my doctor I wouldn't trust him with that haircut

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson3 månader sedan

    i got fucking golovin

  • Fawaz Qamber
    Fawaz Qamber3 månader sedan

    Opening the pack at last makes me skip the vid until the pack , sorry

  • Bo3mra_ Tender
    Bo3mra_ Tender3 månader sedan

    Did James go to the sidemen barber shop

  • Bo3mra_ Tender
    Bo3mra_ Tender3 månader sedan

    My cousin got a fut birthdays Paulinho from an 83 plus pack

  • Fergus Games
    Fergus Games3 månader sedan

    stop chatting so much it ruins the video

  • Bridget Noone
    Bridget Noone3 månader sedan

    Andy you have a bit of a old right back

  • Reece Johnson
    Reece Johnson3 månader sedan

    I got my fourth non walkout in a row

  • Nafis Azim
    Nafis Azim3 månader sedan

    James...... Why tho

  • Noah Falabella
    Noah Falabella3 månader sedan

    James be looking like a unicorn with that haircut

  • Ryan Hartigan
    Ryan Hartigan3 månader sedan

    andy kouyate has gotten a single fut birthday 😭

  • Sadistic KingB
    Sadistic KingB3 månader sedan

    James should go on the next Sidemen Barbershop..... the trim can’t get any worse 😜 I like the blue though for real 👌😊

  • Ejbucketz-_-
    Ejbucketz-_-3 månader sedan

    You should do some other game modes like survival or mystery ball for pack and plays

  • BossStar -
    BossStar -3 månader sedan

    You need a marquee player cuz most of these vids have no good players on the line

  • sam07t
    sam07t3 månader sedan

    "none of the regulars have a fut birthday this year", gervinho, sane, reus, peresic, renato, podolski

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones3 månader sedan

    just after Andy says 'some semblance of a team'

  • Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
    Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté73 månader sedan

    I'm sorry James but that haircut makes me sick🤮

  • jmo mal en
    jmo mal en3 månader sedan

    "Here before james laughs at andys jokes" is the new "love a bit of pie before school"

  • Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
    Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté73 månader sedan

    I got 87 Lozano from it😍😍😍 He's now 88 rated, might even go 89😍😍

  • Shrek
    Shrek3 månader sedan

    I mean Douglas Costa is better then my 83 rule breakers Andre 😭😭😭😭

  • Tré La Croix Medley
    Tré La Croix Medley3 månader sedan

    Aren't you sick of cheating, you always "Guess" the right position, 1 out of 11 to pick from but you always get there player. CHEATER

  • Deepesh Kumar Pandey

    Deepesh Kumar Pandey

    3 månader sedan

    And yu sick of cheating in a virtual game atleast they are having fun

  • Melissa Shimizu
    Melissa Shimizu3 månader sedan

    the sad thing is James cant afford players but i cant even afford a pack lol

  • Moley Boy
    Moley Boy3 månader sedan

    My party bag luck is everywhere 1.Headliners Raphina 2.RTTF Pogba 3.RTTF Kessie

  • Trailer Movies
    Trailer Movies3 månader sedan

    I got fb sane out of my pack

  • Jesperhot Pedersne
    Jesperhot Pedersne3 månader sedan

    Lol why do you own ps5 but play on the old gen version?

  • James Scott
    James Scott3 månader sedan

    I got rttf gabriel jesus and im so happy with that

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway3 månader sedan

    Another video of Andy complaining about his hair 😂

  • TheToffo_
    TheToffo_3 månader sedan

    i got totgs messi. i am rather happy

  • harvey lawrence

    harvey lawrence

    3 månader sedan

    I got future stars lunin. Laughed but cried inside

  • Baxter Moss
    Baxter Moss3 månader sedan

    13:00 is that a perfect link!

  • Joshua Sellars
    Joshua Sellars3 månader sedan

    Tell me you don’t play weekend league without telling me you don’t play weekend league Andy:”who’s kuluesevski?”😂😂

  • harvey lawrence

    harvey lawrence

    3 månader sedan

    Neverminddd sorry

  • harvey lawrence

    harvey lawrence

    3 månader sedan

    Ruined it

  • its me
    its me3 månader sedan

    Why is Andy complaining about costa

  • Mackenzie Warren
    Mackenzie Warren3 månader sedan

    can’t believe we’re still letting James get away with that trim

  • Simply Bogdan
    Simply Bogdan3 månader sedan

    Who else thought this was an SBSD?

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell3 månader sedan


  • Charlie Quinn
    Charlie Quinn3 månader sedan

    Does Andy stream ?

  • Jason Senia
    Jason Senia3 månader sedan

    James’ hair is so dead omg

  • BarksyBoy1827
    BarksyBoy18273 månader sedan

    Was James’ old account perma banned?

  • Emilio Calderon
    Emilio Calderon3 månader sedan

    18:59 lmao 😂

  • Joey Priestman
    Joey Priestman3 månader sedan

    Why didn’t James play Schemichel in goal?

  • Robert Vassila
    Robert Vassila3 månader sedan

    I’ve done all 3 party bags and haven’t packed an actual walkout

  • Sammy Gamez

    Sammy Gamez

    3 månader sedan

    Who have you packed?

  • Ethan Cooke

    Ethan Cooke

    3 månader sedan


  • Magnum on Combat pro
    Magnum on Combat pro3 månader sedan

    andy if you see this can you call james sonic pls🙏

  • Ferny 004
    Ferny 0043 månader sedan

    Poor james 😭 always ends up discarding something big 😭😭

  • Ka9btw
    Ka9btw3 månader sedan

    Happened to me but I actually got zaha so I’m happy

  • Fosse
    Fosse3 månader sedan

    i got Future stars Dest tbh i missed future stars cos of work so i was fairly happy

  • Generic Guy
    Generic Guy3 månader sedan

    Andy benzema didn’t get upgraded from potm but I wish he did

  • Velo RL
    Velo RL3 månader sedan

    I got What If Kante from my party bag

  • Alex Row55
    Alex Row553 månader sedan

    Everyone forgetting that James Milner had a showdown sbc

  • Jay Heale
    Jay Heale3 månader sedan

    I’m sorry but where did he get his haircut

  • Nsndjs Snndhs
    Nsndjs Snndhs3 månader sedan

    Just boring video to watch if James ain’t gonna upgrade anyone

  • Neville Wilson
    Neville Wilson3 månader sedan

    Andy is the goat

  • Tj
    Tj3 månader sedan

    Andy thinking benzema getting potm meant his headliner got upgraded 😂😭

  • XJokermanX


    3 månader sedan


  • IP stealthy
    IP stealthy3 månader sedan

    Why can't james upgrade anyone

  • Bradley Hiskett
    Bradley Hiskett3 månader sedan

    James’ hair is shaved a bit like R9’s in 2002 lol

  • James Mcgrath
    James Mcgrath3 månader sedan


  • Legend Lazar
    Legend Lazar3 månader sedan


  • Pureis
    Pureis3 månader sedan

    Just saying Andy could’ve swapped Isco and stindl then swapped out Isco for Milner they would have more chem I’m a genius (said this before Andy said it in the video)

  • Itsamematio
    Itsamematio3 månader sedan

    Didnt realise Tagliafico had a youtube channel

  • Craig Neil
    Craig Neil3 månader sedan

    Don’t worry James barbers fucked ma hair up aswell

  • James Curtler
    James Curtler3 månader sedan

    Loved it on James’s stream when u both got yazici

  • James Mlawanda
    James Mlawanda3 månader sedan

    Like so we can bring Manny to sbsd:

  • Wixabix Furrr
    Wixabix Furrr3 månader sedan

    I got fut birthday Atal :)

  • Botond Szabo
    Botond Szabo3 månader sedan

    I click the video I see james' trim I click off

  • Saul Corrigan
    Saul Corrigan3 månader sedan

    I got headliner Toko Okambi 😭😭😭

  • Rhys David

    Rhys David

    3 månader sedan

    That's an L for price but hes actually sick used him when he came out with my player moments depay

  • WahuMC
    WahuMC3 månader sedan

    17:45 your welcome

  • Joshua Chapple

    Joshua Chapple

    3 månader sedan

    thanks boo

  • Will Kane
    Will Kane3 månader sedan

    It’s so dead when James can’t even upgrade his cards it makes no discards

  • Alistair Gillies

    Alistair Gillies

    3 månader sedan

    The vids funny anyway without the discards

  • Cahinho


    3 månader sedan


  • Master Oogway

    Master Oogway

    3 månader sedan

    I mean he discarded the only player actually worth anything so what's so bad???

  • Generic Guy

    Generic Guy

    3 månader sedan

    Don’t cry mate

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks3 månader sedan

    Heyy And it was a nice stream today with the sbsd. Looking forward to see it again :D

  • Thetruth
    Thetruth3 månader sedan

    Not liking the disrespect of randolph hes acc a quality gk

  • yung tom
    yung tom3 månader sedan

    people who want inbetweeners quotes back

  • HarleyBros 2020
    HarleyBros 20203 månader sedan

    I'm early woo hoo