Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! PATH TO GLORY EDEN HAZARD!!!

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  • Logan Sinn
    Logan Sinn8 dagar sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about Andy’s sweat stains from a game

    CRAZY COUSINS8 dagar sedan

    Bro I hate you

  • Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown13 dagar sedan

    You didn't even guess the formation

  • Marco Pedersen
    Marco Pedersen16 dagar sedan

    Suddenly he is gonna put ti much in the background that i focus on that more then the video…

    BF5 GAMING21 dag sedan

    The thing is sick but I hate pokemon

  • George Cant
    George Cant24 dagar sedan

    bit warm andy ?

  • Tesco’s Finest
    Tesco’s Finest24 dagar sedan

    Andy Had two discards and only said 1

  • anthonyjames93
    anthonyjames9324 dagar sedan

    Decorate your shelves like evertons trophy cabinet from the last 30 years mate...

  • Sam noon
    Sam noon25 dagar sedan

    ha aj3

  • Sam noon
    Sam noon25 dagar sedan


  • Lewis Chambers
    Lewis Chambers25 dagar sedan

    Do Kalvin Philips path to glory!

  • Melissa Armitage
    Melissa Armitage26 dagar sedan

    Where you should put your pokemon. On the shelves behind you if you have room

  • Piyush Agrawal
    Piyush Agrawal26 dagar sedan

    Do one for kimmich

  • Carter Mccreery
    Carter Mccreery26 dagar sedan

    and had some major sweat stains. buddy was fucking sweating in game and irl

  • Im a Goat
    Im a Goat26 dagar sedan

    POV: Your here before Andy does a sbsd on summer stars richarlison

  • Henk Dobbe
    Henk Dobbe26 dagar sedan

    Who's laughing now jack hahahah

    OPTICZ26 dagar sedan


  • Mike Neckers
    Mike Neckers26 dagar sedan

    Do SBSD with FUTCRUNCH!!!!

  • ADV zither
    ADV zither26 dagar sedan

    yooooo me and AJ have the same birthday happy birthday AJ!!!!!!!

  • Hazza Moore YT
    Hazza Moore YT26 dagar sedan

    Hi Andy I know where you live

  • Oliver Agg
    Oliver Agg26 dagar sedan

    it was sweaty at the end

  • Sondre Holm
    Sondre Holm26 dagar sedan

    6:49 is the ad over

  • Imman Hussain
    Imman Hussain26 dagar sedan

    Andy, maybe put a TOTY Kante card in the bottom left corner of the shelves? 😂

  • Ross Taylor
    Ross Taylor26 dagar sedan

    Frame the Everton shirt

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones26 dagar sedan

    Jack: “not every shot goes in Andy” after he scores 5/13 with the biggest striker in the game Also jack: “omg it should be 5-5 how has ur goalie made 2 saves” which would give him an 100% record

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones26 dagar sedan

    Jack: “not every shot goes in Andy” after he scores 5/13 with the biggest striker in the game Also jack: “omg it should be 5-5 how has ur goalie made 2 saves” which would give him an 100% record

  • Toby McAllister
    Toby McAllister26 dagar sedan

    Drogbas a double decker bus

  • Gibran Otway
    Gibran Otway27 dagar sedan

    He legit was sweating at the end lol

  • Armaan
    Armaan27 dagar sedan

    We need Danny aarons on the show.........

  • D.S
    D.S27 dagar sedan

    Do a squad builder starting with 96 Richarlison

  • Alfie Stead
    Alfie Stead27 dagar sedan

    Can you do an sbsd on the new Fof summer stars kalvin phillips

  • Purojeet Pattanayak
    Purojeet Pattanayak27 dagar sedan

    Put kante toty card

  • Yeister
    Yeister27 dagar sedan

    how is he so bad lol he does this for a living

  • Sarah David
    Sarah David27 dagar sedan

    stop flexing your R9 andy please(:

  • Bailey Booth
    Bailey Booth27 dagar sedan

    New rule? The marquee player has to score ( doesn’t matter who) or else both has to discard a player

  • CazzCH
    CazzCH27 dagar sedan

    Imagine being a fifa youtuber for like 10 years, and being this crap at fifa 😂

  • Jack Dollard
    Jack Dollard27 dagar sedan

    Anyone else see andys armpits

  • Tyler Drew
    Tyler Drew28 dagar sedan

    I think you should do sbs with 0 links but, optional: max chem

  • Rooftop Rumble
    Rooftop Rumble28 dagar sedan

    How is Jack even a fifa SEblackr

  • Nick van Beek
    Nick van Beek28 dagar sedan

    Jack is so bad at guessing, he doesnt even know how a trumpcard works😂

  • Daniel Arsenal
    Daniel Arsenal28 dagar sedan

    These are getting boring because Andy has got so good at fifa

  • Ludwig Holzapfel
    Ludwig Holzapfel28 dagar sedan

    27:58 😂😂Holy moly that is a sweaty man after a sweaty game

  • KillaKD
    KillaKD28 dagar sedan

    Anyone else just keep replaying when Jack guessed Hermoso and Lunin lmao

  • James Woodcock
    James Woodcock28 dagar sedan

    Well this aged well...

  • EZ Clap
    EZ Clap28 dagar sedan

    27:57 jeez andy went all out

  • Caden W
    Caden W28 dagar sedan

    Why’s he chatting about drugs at the start?

  • Blu
    Blu28 dagar sedan

    What’s more wet: 1. The ocean 2. Andy’s armpits

  • fury
    fury28 dagar sedan

    aj3: "we've done it" also aj3: pits were drenched in sweat

  • Emad Ansar
    Emad Ansar28 dagar sedan

    27:58 😭😭😭

  • Will Russel
    Will Russel28 dagar sedan

    Sweaty pits

  • Josh
    Josh28 dagar sedan

    Those armpits thooooo

  • Zipper
    Zipper28 dagar sedan

    ME: patiently waiting for the richarlison squad builder showdown.

    TTVRAPH GAMES28 dagar sedan

    Something cool for your background is a Liverpool logo 😝

  • Randy Baduman
    Randy Baduman28 dagar sedan

    A new challenge! From now onwards he has to play with R9 in all SBSD till the end of this FIFA.

  • Josh Porter
    Josh Porter28 dagar sedan

    Andy was literally sweating it out! Go on lad! 27:58

  • techdude477
    techdude47728 dagar sedan

    Andy was sweating his pits off literally

  • Mathys Cazenave
    Mathys Cazenave28 dagar sedan

    For the background could get a PO box and get people to send stuff in and you pick the best thing to put somewhere for example. No clue if its a good idea, just thought of it

  • Martin A
    Martin A29 dagar sedan

    Richarlison and James showdown soon???

  • Dvp169
    Dvp16929 dagar sedan

    Loved this video had to watch it twice 🤣💙

  • house of Games
    house of Games29 dagar sedan


  • Simon Bodd
    Simon Bodd29 dagar sedan

    i love that you support people who stays inside while its covid so they can have something to help them battle this pandemic in this ad. love it my icon

  • Aiden37
    Aiden3729 dagar sedan

    What a card he is

  • adam ross
    adam ross29 dagar sedan

    Andy if she starts selling them let us know, I’d buy them they’re awesome

  • Sam Grimshaw
    Sam Grimshaw29 dagar sedan

    There's now way back lost how!!!

  • Andrew Bodecker
    Andrew Bodecker29 dagar sedan

    Do SBS with the new midric

  • Sathriyan kanesh
    Sathriyan kanesh29 dagar sedan

    Soooo, whos here after Belgium lost

  • Charlie Quinn
    Charlie Quinn29 dagar sedan

    Andy had two mini swimming pools under his arms

  • נבו קדם
    נבו קדם29 dagar sedan

    Hahahahha he won’t 98

  • Jack Gamblin
    Jack Gamblin29 dagar sedan

    Sweat patches all the way

  • Jack
    Jack29 dagar sedan

    27:58 Aj really did sweat this game

  • ツJoão
    ツJoão29 dagar sedan

    you gave them bad luck

  • MOMO 14
    MOMO 1429 dagar sedan

    27:58 look at the swet on his left armpit 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • MOMO 14
    MOMO 1429 dagar sedan

    Who else still skipped when he was talking abt the sponsor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jake brookes
    jake brookes29 dagar sedan

    Who remembers when declared rice was a meme like in fifa 16 andy and had merch with it 11/10 with rice (can't remember exactly)

  • Afghan Wolf
    Afghan Wolf29 dagar sedan

    Ik it is pretty much impossible but i want to see someone lose 11-0 so discard the whole team basically 😂😂

  • Abdul_btw
    Abdul_btw29 dagar sedan

    Happy birthday andy

  • Nima Sanaei
    Nima Sanaei29 dagar sedan

    Put it on the top shelf it deserves a spot up there! The rats in the comment section: bUt aNdy wHo pLaYs pOkeMon anYmOre

  • Tyler Thorpe
    Tyler Thorpe29 dagar sedan

    Picture of pie face23 in a sparkly frame for your background 😍

  • Tyler Thorpe
    Tyler Thorpe29 dagar sedan

    Picture of pie face23 in a sparkly frame for your background 😍

  • Skixz
    Skixz29 dagar sedan

    27:57 jesus why are you sweating that much

  • D T S
    D T S29 dagar sedan

    Anyone notice andys sweaty pits

  • Vp Aizen
    Vp Aizen29 dagar sedan

    AJ with the major sweat patches lol get the lynx out son

  • Crazy Hacker
    Crazy Hacker29 dagar sedan

    How do i do that skill at 26:57 anyone?

  • Omar Tenorio
    Omar Tenorio29 dagar sedan

    27:58 he was really trying huh

  • Javy B
    Javy B29 dagar sedan

    jack should’ve jus gone angelino and a bundesliga right back then a bundesliga defense

  • Sleepy sounds
    Sleepy sounds29 dagar sedan

    Jake should just stop playing fifa

  • gaming wrld godtier
    gaming wrld godtier29 dagar sedan

    I called he was gonna guess lw rb cause there the 2 I would have said

  • Game Videos
    Game Videos29 dagar sedan

    Be more creative

  • Game Videos
    Game Videos29 dagar sedan

    Make better squads please

  • Game Videos
    Game Videos29 dagar sedan

    Stop using racic please

  • Fiachra Mathers
    Fiachra Mathers29 dagar sedan

    Do a squad builder showdown with AA9skillz

  • Josh Harding
    Josh Harding29 dagar sedan

    If theres a pickachu put him on top of the bookshelf and also its sofa not couch

  • V3nom
    V3nom29 dagar sedan

    27:58 Jesus Christ you were sweating a lot

    RODZUK29 dagar sedan

    gonna buy some of them gummies.. I have glasses because without them my eyes get sore looking at screens so this might help 👀

  • suds
    suds29 dagar sedan

    put a big fotmob logo in the setup

  • ArchieArmaPlayz
    ArchieArmaPlayz29 dagar sedan

    Andy my friend is Dominic Calvert-Lewin no cap 🧢🧢🧢

  • Harrison Cortes
    Harrison Cortes29 dagar sedan

    Sweaty pits fc

  • Benoit Drouin
    Benoit Drouin29 dagar sedan

    27:56 You can see how Andy was sweating. I wonder if it's the R9 or Jack

  • Scott Garland
    Scott Garland29 dagar sedan

    Someone should start counting “it’s prime moments r9”

  • Moses Olusanya
    Moses Olusanya29 dagar sedan

    Andy was sweating both literally and figuratively