What if we did Squad Builder Showdown, but every section had a new guest... All leading up to playing Itani for ANOTHER KANTE!!!
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  • AJ3
    AJ32 månader sedan

    WE'RE BACK!!!! Sorry for the lack of videos recently, turns out moving house is a massive load of hassle 🤣

  • Joshua Kelly

    Joshua Kelly

    4 dagar sedan

    @Sav yes my friend, but I wasn’t sucking off Andy, I was just annoyed cuz I make football content on Instagram, writing about football (analysing teams and basically similar to HITC Sevens) and it’s really hard if ur A. Not motivated and B. In the middle of something else, cuz u find Uve very little time left and then effort on top of other stuff, so fair okay to Andy for getting something out so soon, and yes, I do realise I’m respond two months later😂

  • Thomas Wilkinson

    Thomas Wilkinson

    4 dagar sedan

    @monkey 69 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ANDY

  • Soccer skills 7mIc

    Soccer skills 7mIc

    Månad sedan

    @Chicken Noodles I agree

  • Armando Weston

    Armando Weston

    Månad sedan

    I know I am quite off topic but does anyone know a good place to stream new tv shows online ?

  • Jake


    2 månader sedan

    Every goal u change formation

  • CHXRLI3 YT シ
    CHXRLI3 YT シDag sedan

    The way the video length doubles when pie is on amazes me, he’s always up for a chat 🤣❤️

  • DC Corrupt
    DC Corrupt6 dagar sedan

    Every round a new player to build around

  • KantoLad
    KantoLad11 dagar sedan

    “Dont do that to him, don’t be too mean” “Alright, I think you’re right.. we’ll open it now AND ITS OPENING”

  • Zain Sabir
    Zain Sabir15 dagar sedan

    No you won’t My fav saying

  • Nathan Hayne
    Nathan Hayne17 dagar sedan

    Itani cheap skate

  • Dylan Z
    Dylan Z29 dagar sedan

    Itani using somebody else’s account takes all the fun away in it

  • Kyle Wright
    Kyle WrightMånad sedan

    so discarding the kanti also discarded Hazard, greizmann red tavernier poor kid

  • MC Barslett
    MC BarslettMånad sedan

    Dunno why James didn't just go mukiele...

  • Charlie Hendra
    Charlie HendraMånad sedan

    Every Haaland card rating is the same as his pace

  • Memehub
    MemehubMånad sedan

    Pie face is like a young Daz black

  • Mohib Khalil
    Mohib Khalil2 månader sedan

    He forgot to discard Haland

  • Shahzad r9
    Shahzad r92 månader sedan

    I hate it when someone uses someone else's account and not their own it just kills sbsd and just don't feel like watching it

  • Calum Stock

    Calum Stock

    Månad sedan

    Don’t watch it then

  • Lurkno
    Lurkno2 månader sedan

    I think it would be cool if for every round the players have to be of a certain nationality so it makes it that much easier to guess right.

  • TheTeddyMaster 123
    TheTeddyMaster 1232 månader sedan

    The snake of Itani to use diaby and loan makelele

  • Yh Yh
    Yh Yh2 månader sedan

    Itani a 36 year old man ruining someone Fifa account Bottom of the barrel

  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly2 månader sedan

    Surely if Itani is doing it on someone else's account he should do the discard on his own account hardly fair on the lads account

  • Yazeed
    Yazeed2 månader sedan


  • Luca Morena
    Luca Morena2 månader sedan


  • Cezary Luniewski
    Cezary Luniewski2 månader sedan

    Squad builder showdown but every player is in the wrong position

    ASAP ROBBIE2 månader sedan

    I'm sorry but a 44 minute video is a bit ridiculous for building a team and playing with it

  • FatherFirmino


    2 månader sedan

    Cry about it

  • Kabir Go LOLOLOLOL
    Kabir Go LOLOLOLOL2 månader sedan

    Imagine if you get in and itani lost like 13-2 and youre a new guest for discarding only and lose every player in the team that would just be...

  • Positive energy
    Positive energy2 månader sedan

    Pie is the funniest UK SEblackr. Change my mind

  • Everton Boss101
    Everton Boss1012 månader sedan

    But you can only use players from the same leauge

  • Team ReckLess
    Team ReckLess2 månader sedan

    I actually love pie face

  • Callum McNeill
    Callum McNeill2 månader sedan

    Imagine an SBSD but every pick has to be a different card type

  • Steers
    Steers2 månader sedan

    Why didn’t you finish the episode against a better player like James or even Pie Hahahaha

  • Braydon Tanti
    Braydon Tanti2 månader sedan

    Anyone see Zidane upgrade?

  • Claude Powell
    Claude Powell2 månader sedan

    The quiet board muhly unfasten because snowflake finally increase down a hushed malaysia. coordinated, pleasant environment

  • Adam Hinchliffe
    Adam Hinchliffe2 månader sedan

    I want - Squad Builder Showdown, but Itani can't pick a prem player

  • Simon Steinvoll
    Simon Steinvoll2 månader sedan

    Shouldn't have ended it with Itani, he sucks at the game.

  • Typicall Gamer
    Typicall Gamer2 månader sedan

    Sbsd but on different consoles

  • Joshie Tremayne
    Joshie Tremayne2 månader sedan

    Squad builder showdown tournament would be sick like so he sees

  • Robert Mealey
    Robert Mealey2 månader sedan

    Squad builder showdown but every player position is randomised

  • Script_Bear
    Script_Bear2 månader sedan

    Squad builder showdown but every position is a different player

  • Joe Hughes
    Joe Hughes2 månader sedan

    Squad Builder showdown but every guess the formation is randomised. Then the game is played on max chem, so you get to straitegically place players but you've still got to try and get the new players onto full chem each guess

  • Uncle Knox
    Uncle Knox2 månader sedan

    Itani has the IQ of a rock

  • FootballW _
    FootballW _2 månader sedan

    I’m disappointed Harry wasn’t here.

  • Asim Hussain
    Asim Hussain2 månader sedan

    Sbsd but every position is an out of position player

  • Khalid Fakhro
    Khalid Fakhro2 månader sedan

    Imagine if he got Harry Hesketh for the match and made it 5 guests

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez2 månader sedan

    U need to do another sbsd tournament ⁉️

  • mik wain
    mik wain2 månader sedan

    whats the point its not even itani's account,it spoils the whole thing for me

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez2 månader sedan

    SBSD but the marquee player changes Every guess

  • Kinga
    Kinga2 månader sedan

    Squad builder showdown, 2v2’s

  • Artur Siuda
    Artur Siuda2 månader sedan

    24:00 did he just but a card for 2k more than the first one there is

  • Rehaan World Travels

    Rehaan World Travels

    19 dagar sedan

    That card was at Burton not Chelsea

  • TJbot200
    TJbot2002 månader sedan

    What if you didn’t discard TOTY Kante

  • baseballsoccer71
    baseballsoccer712 månader sedan

    SBSD but you change formation every guess

  • Youssef Gindy
    Youssef Gindy2 månader sedan


  • Myles Miller
    Myles Miller2 månader sedan

    What about something like you make a random squad and before the game you can swap 3 positions of the other players team e.g. swap your ST for CB position but you are able to muddle your player up beforehand and whichever 3 player you land on the looser has to discard them?

  • Miguel van Zevenbergen
    Miguel van Zevenbergen2 månader sedan

    Sbsd but only orange links allowed! Could be something

  • Xauzy Fn
    Xauzy Fn2 månader sedan

    He didn’t even discard haland

  • BobbyDazzler 321
    BobbyDazzler 3212 månader sedan

    Playing sbsd, but every time there are different players...wait

  • TNR 419
    TNR 4192 månader sedan

    Squad builder showdown but every link is green

  • George Dobson
    George Dobson2 månader sedan

    Another SBSD where Andy claims he knew exactly what they were gonna choose and not write it down

  • Holly Fifa77
    Holly Fifa772 månader sedan

    Itani the cheat what about haaland

  • Kyumps Sayyar
    Kyumps Sayyar2 månader sedan

    can u do a sbsd cup

  • RuSh SwiFt
    RuSh SwiFt2 månader sedan

    itani ruined his account

  • Marley’s Stories
    Marley’s Stories2 månader sedan


  • PurpleWarrior14
    PurpleWarrior142 månader sedan

    I love Pie. Putting Waman to pass off to Danny Aarons is gold

  • ליעד דמבין
    ליעד דמבין2 månader sedan

    Same idea but different roles / youtubers and or both sides change players each section

  • Cow Goes Quack !
    Cow Goes Quack !2 månader sedan

    Lol imagine being the guy who put his account and faith on Itani just to lose a lot of coin value

  • juan andres perez pardo
    juan andres perez pardo2 månader sedan

    Nice bayern-barca replay

  • A Slemmer
    A Slemmer2 månader sedan

    I have never seen a man defend so bad in his life....he pulls his CB's so much out of position xD

  • Michael Sireci
    Michael Sireci2 månader sedan

    This is an all-star lineup gg

  • Abu Aziz
    Abu Aziz2 månader sedan

    Do romarinho

  • BaconBro Norway
    BaconBro Norway2 månader sedan

    New idea: squad builder showdown but its minecraft

  • blox burger
    blox burger2 månader sedan

    Aj3 you should do the same again this is great content

  • Leandro Cataldi
    Leandro Cataldi2 månader sedan

    Sbsds with Itani is so underwhelming... he's so boring with his picks

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator2 månader sedan

    7:15 HEY! Wasn't that stupid LM Jones discarded?

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator2 månader sedan

    6:00 Yea, I'm not buying this BS

  • Adam Marjanovic
    Adam Marjanovic2 månader sedan

    On an unrelated note who remembers the SBSD video where Pie put down the 4-4-4 (4) formation?

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip2 månader sedan

    One challenge would be upside down sbsd😂striker would be gk,wingers wingbacks,midfielders would be cbs,wingbacks would be wingers,cbs would be midfielders and gk would be st🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Potato Chip

    Potato Chip

    2 månader sedan

    Thats one ”weird” idea that comes to mind

  • Liam
    Liam2 månader sedan


  • Liam
    Liam2 månader sedan

    Who even puts in Tavernier 84 rated red pick, wow

  • Liam
    Liam2 månader sedan

    Its really not the same when ITANI is using someone elses account, really

  • Liam
    Liam2 månader sedan

    Team was looking good then ITANI came in lost his right cb and choose a 76 rated gk. Holy

  • Liam


    2 månader sedan

    Mans good at SBS, yep

  • Oliver Sharman
    Oliver Sharman2 månader sedan

    Of course Andy chooses the worst opponent to play the game

  • Kori V
    Kori V2 månader sedan

    He ignored getting rid of halland

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson2 månader sedan

    SBSD But every card has to be a different type

  • Phiwipa Valentino
    Phiwipa Valentino2 månader sedan

    SBSD but you can only have green links no orange no red

  • Daniel Ritchie
    Daniel Ritchie2 månader sedan

    Do a sbsd on goldson

  • crxti
    crxti2 månader sedan

    Video 1 of asking Andy to do this idea: SBSD but every section you swap teams with the guests. So that means you choose your formation, you choose each your attackers, then you switch squads and choose each others midfielders, and so on, but you switch every time. At the end you have to do a coin flip or something like that to see who gets which squad, so you can't choose bronzes for your opponents squad on purpose. Like so Andy can see!!!

  • Matthew Z
    Matthew Z2 månader sedan

    Where is discard of Haaland ?

  • 'Thijs Van De Griendt
    'Thijs Van De Griendt2 månader sedan

    You should do some sort of competition, with 4 people. Everyone gets to write down 1 player for every position and then you all play each other. Person ranked 3th after the games gets to discard 1 player from nr. 4. Then nr. 2 gets to discard 1 player from 3 and 4. And nr.1 gets to discard one from 2, 3 and 4.

  • Leon Warner
    Leon Warner2 månader sedan

    This video idea is so classsssssss!

  • Khai Tran Ngoc
    Khai Tran Ngoc2 månader sedan

    Squad Battle Smackdown, Team AJ vs Team International. AJ let his mate build his team for him like the all-star team of this episode.

  • Hamish Green
    Hamish Green2 månader sedan

    The only way to make itani build a hybrid

  • brian neu
    brian neu2 månader sedan

    Didn’t use you moments r9

  • Jonny Smart
    Jonny Smart2 månader sedan

    Supporting Itani because he’s got Big Nat Phillips in the squad

  • Richard Felstead
    Richard Felstead2 månader sedan

    Next concept....squad builder showdown cup champions league type.format with an upload every other day 👀 coop would be funny:)

  • Someonealready Hasthatname
    Someonealready Hasthatname2 månader sedan

    SBSD Roulette where you choose let's say 3 players for a position (1st choice, normal gold, silver) and the other guesses a number which dictates which card goes in. There would be no trump card but could cause some chaos

  • Anonymous Don
    Anonymous Don2 månader sedan

    Love how he didn't put Haaland into SBC. Cheat

  • Eazy Madridi
    Eazy Madridi2 månader sedan

    More of this but gameplay vs a pro player like harry

  • major Malarkey
    major Malarkey2 månader sedan

    Which fool let’s Itani use his account?!?!

  • AVFC 99407
    AVFC 994072 månader sedan

    Squad Builder Showdown but every turn is a card type. Midfielders are In form CBs and GK are UCL Rares

  • Lewis Wilson
    Lewis Wilson2 månader sedan

    SBSD but no players from the top 5 leagues

  • Yyhh 3fhh6
    Yyhh 3fhh62 månader sedan


  • Billnye28_:
    Billnye28_:2 månader sedan

    Sbs but every time it’s a bronze

  • Bal ́s World
    Bal ́s World2 månader sedan

    Wow itani gained a lot of weight...

  • mate brajkovic
    mate brajkovic2 månader sedan

    Didn t put haaland didn t put mendy in what a snake...