EURO 2020 MODE PACK AND PLAY!!! Retro Style



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  • Quentin Rutene
    Quentin Rutene19 dagar sedan

    Who’s here after England lost to Italy 😂

  • Future Of Football
    Future Of Football20 dagar sedan

    I like to guff in a glass then smell it afterwards because it smells so nice and eggy

  • KnifeEdge
    KnifeEdge25 dagar sedan


  • Alex Rowell
    Alex Rowell27 dagar sedan


  • Stephen Balls
    Stephen Balls29 dagar sedan

    It's funny how the "Group of Death" are all out of the Euro's 😂

  • Mark Litvar
    Mark LitvarMånad sedan

    6:30 this aged very well

  • Torcher Fn
    Torcher FnMånad sedan

    france winning aged well!

  • mariah bugeja
    mariah bugejaMånad sedan

    nice vid really liked it keep it up.

  • Callum W.
    Callum W.Månad sedan

    “Eric Deer” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • joel segerberg
    joel segerbergMånad sedan

    sweden ftw

  • ArchieJD
    ArchieJDMånad sedan


  • Aditya K
    Aditya KMånad sedan

    disliked the video cuz they said werner was good.....

  • Connorules619
    Connorules619Månad sedan

    Big up Andy giving Super statto a shout out for his gyfi agenda

  • KalebHarkins16
    KalebHarkins16Månad sedan

    harry kane said hello to grant hanleys back pocket 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Owen Bates
    Owen BatesMånad sedan

    tbh i really want Belgium to win idk why i just have a feeling

  • Nathan Grant
    Nathan GrantMånad sedan

    Andy pronouncing dier’s name gives me flashbacks to him saying Orbemeeyang

  • Ethan Cooke
    Ethan CookeMånad sedan

    EVERYONE its joke

  • cjcammy123
    cjcammy123Månad sedan

    hey aj3 can you pls do a sbsd on iniesta

  • Swingraal
    SwingraalMånad sedan

    My man is called Wigan city MY WIGAN💙🤍💙🤍

  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan

    Intentional intentionally intentions intention

  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan

    Intense intend intending intended intends intend intense

  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan

    Begins beginning begin begun begin beginning beginned beginner

  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan


  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan

    Licence licence licence licencing licencing licence licenced licence licences

  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan

    Replays replayed replays replay replaying

  • JFCI
    JFCIMånad sedan

    Retro style retros retro repeats repeat

  • Christian Mavroudis
    Christian MavroudisMånad sedan

    17:57 what a prediction

  • Salman Alathel
    Salman AlathelMånad sedan

    Golovin is from Russia and Russia is in Asia

  • Macunator
    MacunatorMånad sedan

    Andy you should do Eriksen to show your support ♥. Guys like this so he sees 👍🏻

  • FATE Watermelo
    FATE WatermeloMånad sedan

    Hungary all the way

  • Ross James
    Ross JamesMånad sedan

    Why does he keep saying Eric Dier like that?

  • Nilesh Shan Nair
    Nilesh Shan NairMånad sedan

    I'm sure that Belgium will win it, they've already cruised through the Round of 16, they have a really good chance of winning now

  • Jim Richards
    Jim RichardsMånad sedan

    Wales will win the euros

  • Jay gaming
    Jay gamingMånad sedan

    he talks about r9 like it's just a Muller on fifa 21

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler JohnsonMånad sedan

    Why did he never tell us about packing r9

  • MAK LJ
    MAK LJMånad sedan

    For a second I thought I clicked on an old video

  • Elijah Doreus
    Elijah DoreusMånad sedan

    Hungary all the way

  • Jack Williamson
    Jack WilliamsonMånad sedan

    Hi Andy do you think you could get w2s back on the channel love the vids keep it up 😁

  • daz berntsen
    daz berntsenMånad sedan

    Italy to win

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay BevomanMånad sedan

    *Eric Deer* wtf you on about

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay BevomanMånad sedan

    Andy chats so much shite... Otherwise these vids would only be about 5mins long

  • Hazza Moore YT
    Hazza Moore YTMånad sedan

    I know where his new house is

  • Hazza Moore YT

    Hazza Moore YT

    Månad sedan

    Get this to 1000 likes for reveal

  • Hazza Almarzooqi
    Hazza AlmarzooqiMånad sedan

    Me thinking this is a old video until i see the comments

  • Matthew Wales
    Matthew WalesMånad sedan


  • Hi我喜欢厚男孩
    Hi我喜欢厚男孩Månad sedan

    "I'll ave sula" :0

  • keru storme
    keru stormeMånad sedan

    The interesting cracker kinetically mate because philosophy hooghly haunt down a unknown exchange. bad, long sandra

  • ADJ001
    ADJ001Månad sedan

    I packed 98 pele in that World Cup mode

  • Wiggy
    WiggyMånad sedan

    I laughed way too much for "Donde esta la backpocket"

  • Mohammed Abdul-Qadir
    Mohammed Abdul-QadirMånad sedan


  • Trav TDS
    Trav TDSMånad sedan

    James and Andy pretending like they forgot who was in the group of death, like they even watch football lol

  • UtdAlex 7
    UtdAlex 7Månad sedan

    Andy how did you play fifa 18 it doesnt show up on ps4

  • jase magee
    jase mageeMånad sedan

    italy will win it

  • Johnny Tyson
    Johnny TysonMånad sedan

    Doa squad builder showdown for summer festival

  • Wide Sales
    Wide SalesMånad sedan

    Thank You

  • Latas08
    Latas08Månad sedan


  • mattturnbull7
    mattturnbull7Månad sedan

    Eric Dier. Pronounced the same way as Danny Dyer and Kieron Dyer. I hope this helps.

  • Nick van Beek
    Nick van BeekMånad sedan

    Do more retro pack & plays

  • Leandro Cataldi
    Leandro CataldiMånad sedan

    Could you do this on PES (so it's got updated teams) ? Or do they not have special packs ecc?

  • Konrad Lademann
    Konrad LademannMånad sedan

    Pes pack and play = ppap

  • Danngu
    DannguMånad sedan

    Please do a squad builder showdown world cup mode

  • Jake Boof
    Jake BoofMånad sedan


  • Timon Moschen
    Timon MoschenMånad sedan

    I think sweden is gonna win the euros no clue why but they just will

  • Bugsy
    BugsyMånad sedan

    Why does he say Dier like that

  • Alex Sharkey
    Alex SharkeyMånad sedan

    I love james

  • Lynton My Sun
    Lynton My SunMånad sedan

    Didn’t play the w2s sibide clip smh

  • Luke Kennedy
    Luke KennedyMånad sedan

    Belgium and Portugal are in the final I am saying it now and Portugal are winning for sure

  • Flaky Gaming
    Flaky GamingMånad sedan

    In James background I love the lego Hogwarts

  • Harley MCFC
    Harley MCFCMånad sedan

    Andy still playing full backs at cb😂😂😂

  • Ishan Chanana
    Ishan ChananaMånad sedan

    does anyone else notice the schiesse quality of the vid smh

  • Daniels Tutorials
    Daniels TutorialsMånad sedan

    all I'm saying is footballs coming home

  • Shreyas Cheguri
    Shreyas CheguriMånad sedan

    Maybe you guys could have opened sticker packs

  • Eoghan Daly
    Eoghan DalyMånad sedan

    Andy: "Just like Liverpool this season" Yeah I suppose when you look at it that way, 10th place Everton only conceded 6 more goals than 3rd place Liverpool

  • Robert Jolly
    Robert JollyMånad sedan


  • Jack Davies
    Jack DaviesMånad sedan

    Just want to point out the fact that James’s goal with his goalie was identical to Alissons against West Brom

  • Isaac Lex
    Isaac LexMånad sedan

    Everyone just passed u James saying he looks different in this game about Fernandes though

  • Craig Elliott
    Craig ElliottMånad sedan

    90th minute. Corner kick. Keepers up.... JOHNSON!!!!

  • Christian Gadsden
    Christian GadsdenMånad sedan

    North Macedonia are winning the euros (England on a serious Basis)

  • Daniel Gronek
    Daniel GronekMånad sedan


  • ParrettGost
    ParrettGostMånad sedan

    AHAHA Andy actually called out SuperStatto the Sigurdsson Lunatic! 🤣

  • Daniel Wand
    Daniel WandMånad sedan

    Bit of a rogue shout for the Euros: Portugal gets 2nd in Group F to France but then beats France in the final

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend RayquazaMånad sedan

    yesss James with the 4-1-2-1-2 wide

  • LucasRhys03
    LucasRhys03Månad sedan

    Cant believe Andy is aware of the man himself…… SuperStatto 🤣🤣 most deluded blue going him

  • Ethan Tisbury
    Ethan TisburyMånad sedan

    Rashford is better than Everton’s entire club

  • OshC 88
    OshC 88Månad sedan

    It's coming hame not home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Valera Beinarovics

    Valera Beinarovics

    Månad sedan


  • No_one
    No_oneMånad sedan

    Btw England only face 2nd place in group of death if we top our group, if we come second we will be against 2nd in group E

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam AndersonMånad sedan

    Hahahah Iceland statto Andy is on about

  • Mathias Bjelland
    Mathias BjellandMånad sedan


  • Anssi Saarinen
    Anssi SaarinenMånad sedan

    13:27 why didn't you play the clip

  • Alexander Jurkiewicz
    Alexander JurkiewiczMånad sedan

    anyone else’s gameplay look absolutely awful

    BEN HUXLEYMånad sedan

    Andys taking Eric deer

  • Joe Casey
    Joe CaseyMånad sedan

    he needs to stop calling him eric deer didnt realise. how much this could geton my nerves

  • L O M
    L O MMånad sedan

    Can’t believe he didn’t play the Sibide clip …

  • jonaleth1888
    jonaleth1888Månad sedan

    Is not pronounced eric deer , its pronouced eric dye r

  • Antong
    AntongMånad sedan

    Never heard of Eric deer before

  • kyle quinn
    kyle quinnMånad sedan

    Could do a South American one seems though copa America is on too

  • Weemack
    WeemackMånad sedan


  • Bink van der Wal
    Bink van der WalMånad sedan

    I think belgium will win the euros, such a strong team!

  • JeDikkeMoeder
    JeDikkeMoederMånad sedan

    21:07 that hurts andy

  • Eduardo Cortez
    Eduardo CortezMånad sedan

    Hoping Italy can win it for my Florenzi

  • ZXEN woko clips
    ZXEN woko clipsMånad sedan

    Wales are winning